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Last week Farragut’s Municipal Planning Commission rendered its decision about Phase 1 of the First Baptist Concord expansion.

The Commission (see story page 1) decided to allow the proposed expansion with compromises.

Thus, the book is closed on the issue and farragutpress will print no more presstalks on the subject unless some new, fresh issue arises.

We have attempted to present both sides of this issue fairly and equally, which is what newspapers do.

We have been accused from both sides of the issues of failing to do that and of being biased toward one side over the other. We have not.

We have allowed Farragut citizens and the general public involved in this emotional issue to express their opinions because the U.S. Constitution allows free speech, especially wherein government, in this case FMPC, is involved.

We at farragutpress will continue to do as we have done in the past and that is take a neutral stance as far as allowing opinion in letters to the editor and our presstalk submissions.

We do not allow callers or writers to threaten, use profanity or imply malice in any way, shape or form.

It is fair for the public to air its concerns, its accolades and its complaints in public forum so that both sides can have an idea of the mindset of those involved.

We see this as a tool upon which a foundation for better communication and better bridges of cooperation can be formed.


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