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• I’ve got a suggestion for the new traffic light at the intersection of Kingston Pike and Old Stage Road. Why not leave it in a flashing red-yellow mode during the day, and then have it revert back to a normal green-red operation during peak congestion times in the morning and evening? I think this would be best for this intersection.

• I completely disagree with the recent letter to the editor by Mr. [Bob] Markli. First of all, the impact fee was a negligible pass-through. On an average house price of over $200,000, a couple thousand dollar impact fee is just one to two percent. That is not a big deal. And as for his comment about retail establishments, if any business is going to invest several million dollars in the town of Farragut, an impact fee of $10[,000], $20[,000], $30,000 isn’t that much. It’s the cost of doing business. And third, the letter writer ignores the fundamental fact that we need an additional stream of revenue for this town. We’ve got to have additional income coming in. The sales tax won’t do. We’ve got major developments to the left of us, major developments to the right. Farragut will remain a bedroom community. It’s not going to be a big-time retail hub. Face it, the sales tax is not the way to go. We need to look an alternative stream of revenue. I applaud those aldermen who stood up to this idea, and shame on the mayor [W. Edward “Eddy” Ford III], the vice mayor [Mike Haynes] and Alderman [Dot] LaMarche for sticking their heads in the sand with wishful thinking of additional sales tax dollars. That argument won’t work, and it’s something many of us are going to remember come next election. … I know it’s popular to complain about the town of Farragut, but I would like to offer my congratulations to the town for insisting on the traffic control measures at the renovated convenience store at the corner of Smith [Road] and Kingston Pike. I really appreciate the safety of this idea. For many of us who travel down Kingston Pike and turn left onto Smith Road, this is a much safer situation.

• My comments are directed toward the CBFO Football coaches who recently brought in a quote, “star player” … to replace the players who have been practicing with the regular team since July of this year. The boys, who were taken out of their positions in order for this other athlete to come in for the last three games, were extremely confused and upset by this move. They have worked hard since July in record temperatures, attending daily practices and scheduled games. However, this other young man is able to come in and bump them from their position. The coaches should be reprimanded for this act. How would they like it if someone came into their workplace and took their position out from under them, where they are more trained and have worked harder to earn it? We entrust these coaches to teach our boys about character and integrity, and in this situation we are extremely disappointed.

• I think the town of Farragut needs to move very quickly on building an old-fashioned town center. It should be built so it’s old-timey, with big bay window fronts and awnings. There should be a bandstand to showcase local musicians and lots of festivals, like on Main Street in Franklin. The developer should give a price break on rent to a few established shops to move to the town center, and help encourage other retailers to join in. We would love to see VG’s Bakery, The Tattered Rabbit and Gatehouse Antiques there. Also, maybe a Smart Toys and Books, a smaller version of Mass General Store and a diner. Hurry up developers. If you build it right, they will come.


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