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CAK adds band halftime show

Those who have attended Christian Academy of Knoxville football games might have noticed something different this year.

CAK band’s repertoire expanded to include marching on-field at home football games.

“We have marched in various parades for a long time; we have always done the Dogwood Arts parade and the Christmas parade, but this is our first doing a halftime show for football,” Greg Wilson, band director, said. “I’ve been thinking about it for awhile, and of course our football program is still pretty young. When football starts up, the natural question is when is the band going to start as well.”

The Marching Warriors are not entering any competitions this year, nor are they performing at away games. Wilson said this gave him a little more freedom in choosing the music.

“The music is a conglomeration of things that I have heard, what I’ve listened to. … Our first number is kind of a Spanish-flavored number called ‘Estancia.’ The second number we play is called ‘Lock you up.’ It’s kind of Latin with a lot of percussion. The last number that we do is called ‘Urban,’ and it is from Cirque de Soleil. There’s a wealth of really cool music in Cirque de Soleil. I really love this last number. It’s a great percussion feature and is a very exciting music,” he added.

The CAK Dance Team accompanies the band on the field during the second number, and has choreographed a routine for the first number.

“I know that in the future we probably will expand and do a majorette corps, a flag corps, all those traditional kind of things, but this first time I just asked the dance team to do what they could. I know the instructor, and she is first-rate,” he said. “I really appreciate them doing what they have done.”

Band students appear to have embraced the addition to the program, he said.

“Student reaction has been great. I could not be more complimentary to the students for their effort. The students’ attitude through the whole process has been exemplary. They’ve been encouraging and unselfish.”

The CAK community has been supportive, he said, including those not involved with the band.

“We’ve really been encouraged by our school family. People I don’t even know and have never had a kid in my program have e-mailed me, called me and told me how much they appreciate what we’re doing. It’s been really positive,” the director said.

Though band staff has not expanded with the program, band parents have been very helpful with the additional work.

“I have parents I can call on,” Wilson said. “I have a group of moms who did everything as far as the uniform organization goes; our uniforms are new and came in big boxes. They came in and they organized them, they came up with a procedure of assigning the uniforms, how the kids are going to get dressed and turn them over; I haven’t had to even pick up a uniform, and that is a big administrative thing. It’s been a real blessing. Our parents have been really good about getting behind this.”

Wilson enjoyed marching band when he was in high school, and said he wanted to pass that on to his students.

“It was a great thing in my life growing up. A lot of people were in band in school and have great memories from that. It’s something that I felt kind of a responsibility, to give the kids the opportunity to do this … it’s another way of using the talent that God’s given them, that’s the way I look at it,” he added. “But it is not [everything]. We’re a good concert band as well.

“Studying music, no matter what angle you approach it, is worthwhile.”

You can see the Marching Warriors perform in the school’s last two home games in the regular season and possibly at playoff games.

“We are going to perform for Homecoming [Friday, Oct. 26], because alumni coming back are just going to love it,” Wilson said. “I think they’re going to be really impressed.

“There will be a senior recognition in the last home game [Friday, Nov. 2].”


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