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police reports:

• Aug. 4: A police officer responded to an alarm call at a restaurant off Kingston Pike. The area and building appeared secure.

• Aug. 5: A Midhurst Drive man stated to police that he heard a loud crash and when he went outside he found his brick mailbox had been hit by a vehicle. The mailbox was heavily damaged. The vehicle had left the scene but left vehicle parts and tire marks off the roadway. The tire marks led to Black Powder Drive where the vehicle was located. The vehicle had damage to the right front and was the same color as the pieces left at the scene.

• Aug. 5: A worker at Petro’s Truck Stop off North Watt Road reported a suspect came into the business and attempted to pay for items. Complainant stated the suspect wrote a check for the items. Complainant told the suspect to stay inside while the complainant verified the check for funds. The complainant stated the check came back bad. Complainant stated while he was verifying the check, the suspect left the business. He did not see what type of vehicle suspect was in or the direction of travel.

• Aug. 5: A South Hobbs Road woman advised police that person(s) unknown knocked her mailbox and paper box off their posts.

• Aug. 5: A worker at a business off West End Avenue stated to police that suspect(s) unknown broke into the business through the drive-through window causing damage to the window. No property is missing at the time of the report. This is the second time the business had been broken into. Both times the break in was the same way. The first time all that was taken was money.

• Aug. 6: Officers responded to Parkside Drive on a report of a burglary to a storage trailer. Upon arrival, the complainant stated that he came to his job site and discovered that someone had cut the lock off his storage trailer and stole multiple tools from inside. No suspect in this incident. The total amount of property taken is $27,500, a class C felony.

• Aug. 6: Officer responded to a report of a single motor vehicle accident eastbound on I-40, just east of Campbell Station Road. When officer arrived, victim told officer he was driving his 2005 Pontiac on I-40 when a camper-like vehicle was in front of him traveling in the same direction, causing debris off the roadway to strike his vehicle. The debris caused minor damage to his front bumper and also to the passenger side door.

• Aug. 6: A Farragut Commons Drive woman stated to police that an unknown suspect entered a vehicle belonging to her boyfriend, through unlocked doors. The suspect(s) then took items belonging to the complainant.

• Aug. 7: A Mossy Point Way woman stated to police that she got into an argument with the suspect at a Kingston Pike business. He was going to leave when she requested to get her stuff out of his car. The suspect intentionally left without allowing her to get the items out of his vehicle.

• Aug. 6: An East Douglas Drive man advised police that someone got into his truck off Chapel Point Lane and stole items. The vehicle was not locked. No suspects.

• Aug. 7: A Concord Woods Drive woman stated to police that the suspect, the victim’s mother, had picked up the victim’s two small children earlier in the evening at the victim’s request. The victim stated she came to the suspect’s house to pick up the children because she had changed her mind about them sleeping over and that the suspect did not want to let her have the children. The suspect stated she was worried about the children’s welfare and that was why she was reluctant to let the children go with the victim. The victim did not have a way to properly transport the children, plus she could not drive due to her license being suspended. The children were left in the suspect’s care and were being well cared for.

• Aug. 8: A Campbell Station Road woman advised police that her daughter stole three checks from her checkbook and cashed them for $1,500 each.

• Aug. 9: A Lanesborough Way man reported to police that he was at home asleep in his apartment when he was awakened by a loud set of noises outside his apartment. The victim went out his front door and discovered someone had discharged numerous “firecrackers” outside in the breezeway of his apartment. The victim additionally found food containers that had been left off the floor and steps. Although the victim was unable to positively identify who did this, he felt his neighbors may have been the suspects. They have apparently been suspected of other incidents of this nature and were facing eviction by the apartment management.

• Aug. 10: A woman reported to police that person(s) unknown stole her purse out of the trunk of her vehicle while it was parked off Kingston Pike. The victim said her driver’s door was unlocked. The victim believes this occurred while she was at work in Farragut.

• Aug. 10: Officers responded to an address off Buttermilk Road in reference to a domestic matter. Upon officers’ arrival, officers spoke with the victim who stated that his son was in a verbal argument with him but it had been resolved. Officers spoke with the suspect who also stated that he was in a verbal argument with his father and agreed that everything was settled and it was verbal only. The victim refused transport to a safe location and medical treatment. Officers advised the victim of his rights under domestic violence law and gave him a blue card.

• Aug. 11: A Cabot Court woman advised police that person(s) unknown stole a blackberry bush that had been planted in her back yard. Complainant advised suspect(s) would have had to climb a very large fence to gain entry into her yard.

• Aug. 12: A Gwinhurst Road man advised police that he got into an argument with his son about moving out. The suspect did not want to leave and the victim was advised of his rights.

• Aug. 12: A Catlett Road man advised police that the suspect came to his house and asked if she could use the bathroom. The victim allowed the suspect in and when she left he noticed that his gun was missing.

• Aug. 13: A Lanesborough Way man advised police that the license plate is missing from his motorcycle and he does not know where the plate was lost.

• Aug. 18: A Bear Creek Lane woman advised police that the suspect drove to Knoxville from Georgia to see her. The complainant and suspect are boy-girlfriend. Suspect followed complainant to her residence. The complainant ran inside to her residence. The suspect stood on front porch refusing to leave. Complainant called 911. Upon officer’s arrival, both parties were calm. Suspect was advised to leave the premises after it was determined that no assault had occurred. Victim was advised of her rights and given a domestic violence card. Victim refused treatment of any kind and felt safe staying at her residence.

• Aug. 18: Officers responded to a call from Geronimo Road where the victim was discovered on her bedroom floor by her caregiver. The victim was pronounced dead by Rural Metro EMS. Investigation found the victim to have a chronic pain history, diabetes and high blood pressure. The body was transferred to University of Tennessee Forensic Department.

• Aug. 19: A Bluff Point Road man advised police he went to an address off Campbell Lakes to eat dinner. Upon returning to his vehicle, he noticed an unknown suspect(s) had ripped off the back spoiler from his car. No suspects at this time.

• Aug. 19: An Outlet Drive man advised police that the suspect, the victim’s daughter, started a verbal argument with her over her making the suspect’s boyfriend leave. Victim stated that the suspect was yelling at her, calling her a derogatory name. Victim agreed to let the suspect stay for the night due to her 3-year-old grandson.

• Aug. 19: An officer was flagged down on Boyd Station Road in west Knox County by members of a railroad crew working for Southern Railroad Company. The officer was made aware of three male subjects that crossed onto the railroad tracks near this location and entered a potential hazardous area around several railroad cars waiting to switch tracks. The subjects were in direct line of several railroad cars placing themselves in immediate danger per the train’s engineer. The railroad police department was notified of this incident and requested a report of this incident for possible prosecution under the criminal trespassing law. The suspects were given a verbal warning by the officer regarding their actions and the danger they placed themselves in by entering onto an active train hauling freight.

• Aug. 20: A Sweet Gum Street man advised police that he had been staying at an address off Middlebrook Park prior to moving to Goodletsville. The victim had checks from a personal account at the residence, belonging to himself and his mother. The mother received a letter from a Walgreen’s store located in Knoxville about a bad check. After receiving the letter, it was determined that some of the checks had been taken from the Middlebrook address and had been used at different businesses in and around the Knoxville area. This was done without the victim’s consent, permission or knowledge.

• Aug. 20: A Dundee Road woman advised police that an unknown suspect took items from her dresser drawer. The complainant might have known who did it but does not want to list any suspects.

• Aug. 20: The complainant advised police that the suspect came to her place of employment, a bank on North Campbell Station Road, to open a new bank account with a check from his business account. The complainant stated she opened the account and then the suspect left the bank with starter checks. Upon further investigation by the complainant, it was discovered that the check written to open the account had been written on a closed account. The complainant stated that she immediately closed the newly opened account and discovered that he had already written several checks against the account for an undetermined amount.

• Aug. 21: A North Fox Den Drive man advised police when he came out of his home this morning, he discovered that someone had destroyed his mailbox and its block and stone encasement. The victim’s mailbox appeared to have been pushed over, causing it to crumble into pieces. Although it appeared to have been pushed over by a vehicle, there was no usable evidence to lead officers to determine a suspect.

• Aug. 21: A Shamrock Avenue woman advised police she was with the suspect and he took her to her workplace and advised her he would get gasoline for the vehicle. The suspect returned to complainant’s workplace and still had not gotten any gas for the vehicle. The suspect stated he would go again to get it and never returned. The vehicle is registered in Florida. Complainant was advised she would have to take out a warrant for the suspect in order for it to be entered into the National Crime Information Computer.


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