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• As a parent of a CBFO player of many years, I am appalled to read in the [farragut]press that someone decided to call in and Monday morning quarterback and judge the CBFO coaches. Obviously this person has never coached and has no idea how hard these guys work, how much time and dedication they put in and they step up to do a job that a lot of parents are not willing to do. Shame on you.

• My comment is on the CBFO coaches. Instead of reprimanding them, let’s give them the pat on the back they deserve for spending so much time and hard work and sweat in a record temperature summer right out there with these boys. Does this person not read the [farragut]press? [Recently] in the sports section, “12 CBFO teams in the playoffs.” Way to go boys. … My son has played six years and we have found that, although we don’t always agree with their decisions, it’s always for the best of the team, and I feel like this person who [called in recently] is being ungrateful and obviously jealous. Coaches volunteer time, lots of it — and what most of us value most is time. If you have time to [call] the farragutpress, how much time have you devoted? It’s been my experience that the coaches are very accessible, and instead of blaming an organization that is exceptional that has been there for years, why not just deal with it on the coaching level?

• My comment’s on red-light cameras. Having spent about half my life in law enforcement, one type or another, I’ve been in about every time of scenario that one could imagine. This push by the Farragut township to get red-light cameras is only a ploy to fee-grab. I’m sure the mayor and traffic engineers can provide you with Knox County Sheriff’s Office people who will say that this will reduce accidents because that’s the politically correct thing to say. No police officer or deputy is going to talk against a policy that is already established in Knoxville. I’d like to go on record for saying no matter how many cameras you put in place, none of them is going to stop a 4,000-pound vehicle from running a red light. All it’s going to do is cause more rear-end accidents and collect fees for the red-light companies in the township. I understand that the city has placed some of their engineers to watch the traffic lights in several locations. The problem is they’re not trained to understand where a violation takes place in the intersection, and so the study is all bogus. I understand when a traffic light is actually being violated is a no-brainer. However, that is not the case. Having trained people to conduct traffic surveys and look at the violations would help rather than just getting the answers that you want. That is [what] the township is standing behind, is what they want to hear. I’m sure they’ve probably made a game out of who could catch the most violators. This is not an automatic red-light enforcement program — it’s an automated fee collection program and it will not reduce accidents. Only people, and the awareness programs, can reduce accidents. If the town of Farragut is serious about the reduction of accidents, they should buy their own cameras, cite people to court and have them explain in traffic school why people should be required to stop at red lights.

• I agree with the caller who said it would be nice to have an old-fashioned town center. I think this would add a lot to the town of Farragut and make it unique.

• I would like to alert all walkers, runners and recreational bicyclists in the Everett Road area to please attend a meeting this Thursday, Nov. 1, at 7 p.m. in the Town Hall. Your support is needed to expand our town’s sidewalks and greenway. This public hearing is put on by the town of Farragut regarding ideas for improvements such as widening Everett Road. These improvements also include discussion of a proposed asphalt walking path on each side of Everett Road that would be linked to the existing Grigsby Chapel Road greenway that begins at the park and ride commuter lot off of N. Campbell Station Road. Think about it. What a great way to safely walk, jog or bike from N. Campbell Station Road all the way to Everett Road and vice-versa. Just another way our town can help provide for the health and wellness of its residents.

• I just wanted to say how disappointed I was in your lack of coverage of the Ooltewah-Farragut football game. You had coverage of other teams who probably have students from Farragut: Webb, Catholic — but you didn’t have any coverage of the community, of Farragut, the kids that actually go here. I give you a big boo for Halloween, and hope you’ll do better at the Oak Ridge game, and hope you did better covering the Soddy-Daisy game. Very, very disappointed. But we’ll still buy the paper.

Editor’s Note: This one has us stumped. The FHS-Ooltewah game was covered in the Oct. 25 issue, beginning on page 11 under the headline, “No. 4 Ads again win shootout” and for the majority of Farragut residents farragutpress is delivered free of charge.


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