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Warriors blast Wildcats

Christian Academy of Knoxville alumni attending the school’s homecoming football game Friday, Oct. 26, were not disappointed as the Warriors ran over Sweetwater High School’s Wildcats 48-21.

Warriors Head Coach Rusty Bradley said, “I wasn’t sure exactly how close a game it would be. Watching them on film, they had some athletes that concerned me. I was really hoping we could come out and execute and play fast and play hard and take care of business, and we were able to do that.”

Junior tailback Keenan Kolinsky tried his hand at passing when he picked up a short toss from senior quarterback Chris Cates and passed it 12 yards to senior wide receiver Jay Scott for a Warrior touchdown.

Kolinsky, who finished the night with 10 carries for 81 yards and two touchdowns, continued to show his versatility when, with 6:11 left in the first half, he leaped over a SHS defender to complete a 29-yard run for a touchdown.

“He was coming right at me. I have always wanted to try and jump over somebody, I did not really think about it. It just happened and we got the score,” he said.

Bradley’s comment on that run was simply, “Wow.”

Senior wide receiver Jordan Cross showed his ability to block out the pressure as well when he caught a 40-yard pass from Cates in the end zone seconds after the buzzer ending the first quarter sounded, giving the Warriors a 21-0 lead at the end of the first.

“We knew there was not a lot of time going into that drive. One of our goals is to score every time we touch the ball. Coach made the call and Chris threw a great pass. It was a great call by coach. The whole time running out thing didn’t really come into it, we just play everything until the whistle blows,” Cross said.

The Warriors, who finished the night with 162 yards rushing, 223 yards passing and 17 first downs, held the Wildcats to only nine first downs, 121 rushing yards and only 97 yards passing.

“We had a nice mix of running and passing. I think our kids really executed what I wanted to do. I was really pleased with how they performed. Chris [Cates] threw well,” Bradley said.

“Keenan ran the ball really well. That one run, wow, it was amazing. Jay Scott had some nice catches. Jordan [Cross] caught a deep ball for a touchdown. The offensive line blocked well, great pass protection. I just felt we played well over all,” he added.

“Defensively I think we did a nice job of shutting them down. I think we held them to one first down, maybe in the first quarter. The guys played their assignments and did a really nice job of reading their keys.”

The Wildcats finally showed up to play in the fourth quarter, against CAK’s third string, scoring all 21 of their points in the last seven minutes of the game.

When asked about rumors that several of the SHS first string players walked off the team shortly before the game, Bradley said, “I had heard a couple of rumors. We had one kid that we were preparing for on film that wasn’t out there, but I didn’t really ask and try to find out what had happened.”

The win over SHS puts CAK one step closer to playoffs.

“I think this would lock up an at-large berth for us based on the other teams not in the top three in our region not being able to get seven wins, but I want to win next week and lock up second-place,” Bradley said. “[This] week is a big game, Rockwood, and we have one loss in the region, they have one loss going into tonight, I don’t know how they did against Alcoa, but it will be for second-place for us in the region and that is what we are hoping for,” Bradley said.

Rockwood lost to Alcoa 48-7.

CAK-Rockwood is scheduled for a 7:30 p.m. opening kickoff Friday, Nov 2, at CAK stadium.


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