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• I was just wondering if any residential homeowner, business or commercial property owner or any entity or organization that owns and uses property in the Farragut area, if for some reason they violate Farragut town code and regulations by improper use of the properties they own in the area they are owned, such as zoning violations? Or, if they do not maintain the property — and there are health and/or safety and/or fire hazards or drainage-related problems [resulting] — does the town of Farragut have the right to not only fine these entities, but do they fine them? And also on construction, whether it be new, remodeling, demolition or whatever, if someone does not properly file a permit with the town of Farragut or they file a permit for certain specific things and then do something else entirely different or vary from that permit, can the town of Farragut shut down that construction site and also fine that entity? And if they can, are they fining these entities: homeowners, businesses, organizations and so forth? If they’re not, they need to be.

• I’d like to thank the Farragut city council for having my yard dug up five times in the last few weeks. [A local business] has been the major culprit, has managed to cut my waterlines in three places — and my invisible fence. The lack of professionalism and skill on the part of the crew [the business] sent out here has been shocking, and I only hope they have as much success with the yards of the commissioners who gave them the right to wonder into my yard and wreck havoc. My neighbors’ yards have been savaged by their crews and their inexperience as well. I hope [the business] does a better job providing service than they have providing a crew for the lawn work.

• Who cares about what the Board addresses regarding tobacco use? [A town official] cites smokeless tobacco use issue [regarding] cleanliness. You can do as you please in the city vehicles. Don’t tell us where and when we can use any form of tobacco as we please. Do all of our city officials belong to the ACLU? First it was gun control, now the use of tobacco products. The way most people look at this is two freedoms taken away from the people. When I feel like using tobacco I’ll use it in the parks and other areas — we suggest the other users do the same. … What is the most [clean], using tobacco or seeing a drunk at some of the Farragut restaurants with their face down in what they are supposed to be eating?

• I was reading [a] magazine … that came out [recently], and it was very interesting that there are various [local cities such as] Sweetwater and downtown Athens, Tenn., and, of course, Knoxville that all have old-fashioned Christmas celebrations, or a small town Christmas; and then, of course, the Celebration of Lights at Market Square. It would be so wonderful if Farragut would start thinking this way, where we could have either snowflakes or lighted wreaths that wouldn’t offend anyone up and down Kingston Pike from Campbell Station all the way to the other end of Northshore. It would just be really nice to have everything decorated and maybe an outdoor gathering of all the merchants; and hot chocolate and Santa making an appearance and everybody dressing in old-fashioned costumes and that kind of thing. And I think the idea of having a town square where we could have a performing arts center or maybe a small Farragut performing arts group could start doing shows and having different schools represented — and not have banks. But have something for everyone, with a fountain where families could go and sit and be there with their children, and ice cream shops and different neat little things like that — and not banks or this typical “we have a bank on every corner in Farragut” [situation]. And I just think it’s something [where] we need to start thinking of ourselves as small town America and that we’re friendly instead of the bad reputation we have all over with getting things built and the signage issues and all of that. It would be really nice.

Editor’s Note: For years the town has hung holiday banners from the utility poles along Kingston Pike and Campbell Station Road and have hosted the Celebrate the Season event at Town Hall — with an appearance of Santa Claus. In addition, the town has asked businesses to erect lighted trees on rooftops and other available spaces similar to the City of Knoxville. The “Town Square” is a work in progress. All of this has been reported in farragutpress.

• In the [local media] a couple of weeks ago I saw an article about a friend of mine’s son, I think it’s the son of [a former] coach from Farragut High School … and he was trying out for the Olympics. I sure would like to know how [he] is doing in the Olympic [trials] and is there anything we can do to support this young athlete as a community? Wow, to have someone from Farragut trying out for the Olympic bobsled team — that is exciting. And I’m sure that there are a few people who would like to support him. I would.


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