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Ad agency chooses Farragut

TradeMark Advertising, Farra-gut’s only full-service advertising agency, has relocated its offices to Renaissance Office Park.

Travis Morin, who owns and operates Trademark Advertising with his wife, Tish, said, “The main thing we wanted was someplace close [to our home]. We met Knick and Noah [Myers] and this was a perfect fit for us. [It] has a nice community feel.”

Morin began his career in advertising, after graduating from The University of Tennessee with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts, at Lavidge and Associates, which he said is the oldest advertising firm in Knoxville. After leaving Lavidge and Associates, he became a free-lance graphic designer under the name of TradeMark.

In 1996, Morin began running his own office out of his home in Fox Den, which he quickly outgrew.

“[We] have grown from just graphic design to a full-service advertising agency. We have been growing about 40 percent per year,” Morin said.

“Unlike most of the agencies in [Knoxville], we also have full service internet advertising so we can not only do the logos, the brochures, the prep folders and the media campaigns, we also do the web site, web marketing, banner advertising and interactive [compact discs].

“Customers today need to go, not only to the print media and traditional advertising, but on the web as well, and the look has to remain consistent so their brand stays the same,” he said.

“Most of the agencies in [Knoxville] farm all that out to other outside sources, whether it is an outside programmer or even an outside company, and the look does not remain consistent because the people are not in the same building, and they are not using the same files,” he added.

Though TradeMark offers a full range of advertising services, Morin says professional advertising is not as expensive as people tend to believe.

“A lot of times people think when a business goes to an ad agency they end up spending more money for everything. We have bulk discounts with our printers, we do most of the printing for Edamerica and a lot of other companies and that bulk allows us to get a 20 percent to 40 percent discount, the same is true for the media outlets. Whether it is magazines, newspapers, t-v or radio, they get a better price coming to us than they would be able to get on their own,” Morin said.

Some people think advertising does not work. Smart advertising works, sporadic advertising does not work,” he added.

TradeMark Advertising is a family-owned business and the Morins take their responsibility to other businesses seriously.

“ Someone in seminary once told me ‘there is a life at the end of your theology.’ There is also a life at the end of your advertising. There are families that are tied to that business and if that business does not grow or succeed, we are responsible. So when [clients] entrust us with money to invest in their business we try to do that well. We try to be excellent at everything we do for that reason,” Morin said.

For additional information regarding TradeMark Advertising, call 865-966-1690.


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