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police reports:

• Aug. 23: A Concord Woods Drive man reported to the Sheriff’s Office that the suspect had made verbal threats to do harm to him and his family. The suspect made these threats while having a conversation with the witness. The witness notified the victim/complainant of the conversation and threats of bodily harm to him and his family. The victim/complainant and the suspect are neighbors and have had disagreements over property issues in the past.

• Aug. 23: A Hoffman Drive woman advised police that unknown person(s) broke out the front driver’s side window of her car to gain entry. The suspect(s) stole a purse which belonged to her co-worker. The vehicle was parked in the parking lot of their place of employment.

• Aug. 23: A Pepperwood Lane woman advised police that she and the suspect got into a verbal argument over the suspect wanting the victim to leave. The suspect was gone upon officer’s arrival and the victim was transported to her mother’s residence.

• Aug. 24: A woman reported to officers that she was at Baptist West Hospital for a doctor’s appointment. When she came out of the hospital she discovered that her vehicle had been keyed on both sides. She advised there had been a situation with a white female in a white vehicle just before she went into the hospital for the appointment and thinks that this person may be responsible for the keying. No other information on the person.

• Aug. 24: A man reported to police that his car had been stolen from the side of I-40, right before the Campbell Station Road exit. The complainant was on his way to a car show when his fuel pump broke and was forced to pull over. The car stayed broken down off I-40 overnight. When the complainant returned to get the car, it was no longer there.

• Aug. 24: A West End Avenue business reported to police that someone stole an unknown amount of lottery tickets. The ticket machines are in the business. No suspects.

• Aug. 25: A Midhurst Drive woman advised police that the suspect has been calling her for years, harassing and threatening her family. He has made threats such as, “If you won’t answer...” and then he fires his unloaded gun. He has also told the complainant, “I want to call you my mommy” and has made threats to shoot the family. Complainant advised he calls at all hours of the night.

• Aug. 25: Officers were dispatched to Petro’s Truck Stop on North Watt Road because of an intoxicated female in the restaurant. Upon officer’s arrival, suspect was sitting on the steps to the chapel near the parking lot. Suspect stated that she caught a ride with a truck driver and was drinking with him when he dropped suspect off at this location. Suspect had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage upon her breath and person. Suspect’s eyes were red and watery and suspect was very unsteady on her feet.

• Aug. 26: Officers responded to a vandalism call at Cotton-Eyed Joe’s on Outlets Drive. The victim stated to officers that a red truck sped out of the parking lot causing gravel to strike his truck. As a result of the rocks hitting the truck, the windshield was broken and the paint on the passenger side was damaged. The victim further states, as the truck left the parking lot, a security guard that was on horseback was almost struck by the truck. When the horse attempted to get out of the way, it lost its footing and fell down causing a large laceration on its right-hind leg. The victim stated the plate on the truck was a Florida tag. Two witnesses also gave their names to the victim.

• Aug. 26: Officers responded to a call that a white male driving a blue truck pumped $33.70 in gas and drove off without paying at Petro’s Truck Stop off Watt Road.

• Aug. 26: A man was in Petro’s Truck Stop off Watt Road and when he returned to his vehicle, he found that someone had backed out from the parking space beside him and damaged his trailer. No witnesses or suspect information available.

• Aug. 27: Officers responded to an alarm call at Weigel’s off Kingston Pike. When officer arrived, he found the front door kicked out and a small glass window located next to the front door smashed in. Officers cleared the business and no one was found to be inside. Further investigation revealed that a teller machine had been tried to be broken into. The only thing that was damaged was the front door lock that was in front of the safe. X-Ray unit arrived and took pictures and fingerprints. A key holder arrived and also noticed that the only things damaged or missing were what the officer has listed.

• Aug. 27: Officers were dispatched to Station West Drive where complainant advised he left his vehicle for a short period of time. When he returned and started the vehicle to leave, the vehicle sounded of an odd nature. The complainant took the vehicle to a dealership to be checked, where it was discovered two catalytic converters and two oxygen sensors were taken from under the vehicle. All the bolts were unbolted and the hood was hanging down where these items had been taken.

• Aug. 27: A business off North Watt Road advised police that an inventory showed products missing but complainant was unable to determine when the items were taken. Both items were stored in two separate locations with two separate locks that had to be opened. The complainant further stated that the keys to these locks were stored in a separate location but all employees had access to the keys. The business had no signs of forced entry.

• Aug. 28: A woman advised police that an unknown suspect broke into her car by breaking out a window and stole items. Complainant advised that the burglary was at Melton Hill Park. Complainant advised that she saw a gold Chevy Camaro leave the parking lot shortly after pulling into the parking lot.

• Aug. 28: Officers responded to an unknown disturbance at Petro’s Truck Stop off North Watt Road. Knox County Dispatch advised that an unknown male was screaming to send officers. He was in an altercation and his wallet was missing. Subject refused to give his name or location where he was calling from. Upon officers’ arrival, subject stated he was in an altercation with an unknown female waitress inside the Iron Skillet restaurant. When he walked outside, he realized his wallet was missing. Subject stated he did not know if the wallet was lost or stolen. Officers checked the inside of the restaurant with management and did not locate the wallet. Witness stated he never saw complainant with wallet. While officers were on scene, complainant was asked by Petro’s security to leave the property and not return due to his behavior and accusations.

• Aug. 29: A Pony Express Drive woman called police to report vandalism on her vehicle. The victim stated she heard a loud glass breaking sound and came outside to find the rear window of her vehicle busted out.

• Aug. 28: A Sedgefield Road woman advised police that an unknown suspect busted the rear window of her vehicle. No property in the vehicle was stolen.

• Aug. 22: Officers responded to a residential burglary call off Autumn Leaves Lane. Upon arrival, they met with the victim, who stated that sometime during the past week a friend used a garage door key pad to gain entry to his garage. Suspect removed a cordless drill and three batteries with chargers. Victim stated suspect has worked with him and knew the door code. Victim stated he noticed the items missing and mentioned it to suspect on the phone. Suspect admitted to victim that he took the items. Victim said he will prosecute.

• Aug. 31: Officers responded to Josephine’s Old World Pizzeria off Kingston Pike on a report of an attempted robbery. The complainant stated that the suspect came into the restaurant, ordered food, and started to get a beer. The complainant stated that he asked the suspect for ID, and then he replied never mind the beer. The complainant stated that the suspect pulled out a knife, pointed it toward him, and stated give me all your money. The witness was in the kitchen and unaware of what was happening. The witness asked the complainant a question, and the suspect looked toward the kitchen according to the complainant. The complainant stated when the suspect looked into the kitchen he grabbed the suspect’s knife. The complainant stated that the suspect ran out the door and got into a pickup truck heading east on Kingston Pike. The complainant stated that the suspect did not get any money, and he also left his weapon at the scene.

• Sept. 1: Officers responded to a domestic matter off Carnoustie Road. Upon arrival, officers observed a broken statue on the driveway. Upon making contact with the complainant, officers entered the home and observed broken clay and a telephone that had been pulled from the wall. Officers spoke with the complainant who stated that his wife started arguing with him over a matter involving her sister and began breaking items in the home. The complainant stated his wife broke a Greek statue, a lawn statue and damaged his car by hitting it with a shovel. Officers observed dents and scratches on complainant’s car. Complainant further stated his wife attempted to run over him with her vehicle as she was leaving the driveway. Officers did not observe any marks or bruises on complainant. Officers advised complainant of his rights under Tennessee domestic violence law and offered medical treatment in regards to any injuries. Complainant refused medical treatment for any injuries but was evaluated by Rural Metro for high blood pressure and refused to be transported to the hospital.

• Sept. 3: A Midhurst Drive woman advised police that the suspect was calling her residence at all hours. The victim stated she had told the suspect to stop calling, even had one of his phone numbers blocked, but the suspect uses another number to call her. The victim stated the suspect had phoned eight times on this date.


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