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ē It is absolutely a disgrace that we do not have any more democracy in this country. Why donít we have an election to elect the county commissioners, the way it should be, rather than by appointment to get another bunch of nobodies in office? Ö Millions of dollars to demonstrate democracy in Iraq, yet Knox County has been rejected. Why?

ē Can Knox County justifiably access and collect taxes in districts not represented by elected commissioners? Ö Congratulations to [a local media outlet]. Now, how about some elections? Ö Boston Tea Party ó was this about taxation without representation? The time is now for a Knox County tea party.

ē I strongly advocate immediate county commission elections.

ē I find it ironic that [a local media outlet] has a headline article about the town of Farragut paying more sales tax when the very day before [another media outlet] had the same article. Ironically, that article was given Ö by a city councilman who is also [the media outletís] attorney. Inside information to make sure the first edition [of the media outlet] has a scandal story. We hope [this media outlet] doesnít make its news by creating a tax on the town of Farragut.

ē Iím calling in reference to a [call] that was in the farragutpress on Oct. 25 in the presstalk column suggesting that Farragut build an old-fashioned town center. I think thatís a marvelous idea. I am not familiar with the situation in Franklin, Tenn., on Main Street that this [caller] was referring to. But I am remembering traveling through a place near Orlando, Fla. called, I think, Celebration Florida. They have an old-fashioned town center, and itís just so homey and quaint and comfortable and really draws people together. And I think thatís what we need in Farragut, is for people to come together.

ē†I have a question. In the new, proposed downtown Farragut district, it is proposed that there be a combination of commercial, business and residential zoning there. And itís also been proposed that there be some sort of variance that no schools or church be allowed within the new Farragut downtown district. Iím wondering, No. 1, if that is legal? And No. 2, if it is, why it is legal?


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