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• You know, I find all the [inaudible] and controversy and slapping back and forth about the putting the cameras of the red lights at intersections and so forth. It’s kind of interesting in both — one of the responses is a little bit juvenile. Have any of the people who are against these heard of personal responsibility and personal accountability? If you’re so concerned about getting some place on time, have you considered setting your alarm clock 10 or 15 minutes earlier so you can make it to work on time, maybe leave a few minutes early? Have you ever considered organizing yourself so that you’re not always in such a hurry? Have you ever considered sitting down and talking to your friends and family so that you all can work something out so that not everybody’s not in such a dead run all the time? And guess what, if you’re speeding and you get caught, tough luck — pay the fine. I’ve had one speeding ticket in my life and guess what? I was speeding. The officer walked up, asked me how fast I was going and I told him I didn’t know, I was fiddling with the radio and I wasn’t paying attention. He told me — I went “Oh my [goodness].” He gave me the ticket. And fortunately because I was polite — he could have gotten me for reckless driving — he didn’t cite me because I was polite and I took accountability. Come on people, let’s be responsible. Quit blaming everybody else because you’re selfish.

• Our family is non-smokers, chewers or dippers. However, we feel the users of these products have as much right to go and do the same things as non-users. If it is in a beer joint, liquor store, a restaurant or in parks in the area; if they want to be alone, let the non-users go to other areas. Now regarding cleanliness, why isn’t everyone up in arms about the filthy water we have in Farragut? It is not clean enough to flush a commode let alone to drink. If you doubt this, let your water set in a clean glass for a few minutes and pour it out and look at the nasty ring in the glass. Why is our environmental people not doing something about this? Why? This needs to be investigated by a private agency that cannot be persuaded in some manner. You know what we mean. How much raw sewage has to be dumped into the lake? No wonder so many people are having so many various diseases. There is more diabetes in West Knoxville according to the population than any other place in the country.

• I just witnessed a near-miss rear-end collision as some fool stopped right in the middle of Kingston Pike to make an illegal left turn into … [a] convenience store. … When is the Knox County Sheriff’s department going to start enforcing this traffic safety issue? I would really appreciate the farragutpress running an editorial reminding residents to obey the rules. It’s no big deal to simply go to the light, turn left and then left again into the convenience store. I just did it in the time it took to make this call.

• [Recent morning] news announces the special election coming up for a Congressman in Illinois. Where are the special elections for our County Commission? How much further does all this corruption have to go and be withstood by the citizens of Knox County?

• I’m calling to comment on the new Farragut downtown proposal and the Farragut Municipal Planning [Commis-sion] stating that no schools or churches may be allowed within the town zones. Referring to the concept of new urbanism, which is followed by such towns like Disney Celebration in Orlando, Fla., the town should reconsider its zoning prohibitions. First and foremost when building a new town, one must consider the ultimate goal, which is to bring the community together. Yes, commercial establishments and parks and greenspaces will draw people to the town. But so will schools. For example, after picking little Sally up from daycare, a parent and his or her child would be captive visitors to the town with the businesses and greenspaces already there. So I urge the board to look into new urban developments like Celebration, which has schools in the town center and numerous approved builders and developers. And a general site plan that was created and developed by an independent board and not just one independent builder/developer.

• Something needs to be done about the lack of service at the Farragut Post Office. It’s not uncommon to wait 10 to 15 minutes to get served. I often see one or two employees with their lanes closed doing busy work rather than waiting on customers. May I suggest that they place the customer first and do the busy work later. Hopefully someone in management with the post office will take notice of my comments. I would encourage others to express their experiences at the Farragut Post Office. How I miss the days when Marvin Runyon was the Postmaster General. He placed the customer first.


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