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police reports:

• Sept. 5: An Oran Road woman advised police that she had been struck in the face by the suspect during an outburst of unruly behavior. The suspect is a mentally challenged adult who according to the victim is prescribed medication for mental illness and has childlike behavior. Officers did not observe any obvious signs of injury on the victim. The suspect was not arrested due to a lack of a culpable mental state. Victim was advised of domestic violence rights and remedies and referred to the family crisis unit for assistance in dealing with a special needs person.

• Sept. 5: A North Pinedale Drive woman advised police that an unknown suspect gained entry to her vehicle through an unlocked door. The suspect(s) then took a laptop.

• Sept. 5: An East Town Creek Road man advised police that a white male in a brown pickup got into his truck and stole his two shotguns. The vehicle was locked. Complainant advised that a witness saw the suspect in his truck. The suspect’s truck was parked behind the complainant’s truck. The witness advised she was in her vehicle next to the complainant. She advised she saw the suspect in the complainant’s truck get out and go back into it. The suspect got into the camper on the back of his truck and broke out the back windshield to make entry into his locked vehicle and stole his guns. The suspect left and a bit later the complainant came out and discovered that his truck had been broken into. The witness advised the complainant of what she had seen.

• Sept. 5: An Olive Road woman advised police that her car was unattended with the window down and an unknown suspect stole items from her car.

• Sept. 5: A Timber Hill Court woman advised police that items valued at $8,300 came up missing and the suspect was the only other person in her home. Complainant advised that the suspect had been working in her home during that time.

• Sept. 6: Officers responded to a call at Petro’s Truck Stop off North Watt Road that someone had pumped $31 worth of gasoline into their vehicle and drove off without paying. No suspects at this time.

• Sept. 7: Two complainants advised police that while traveling I-40 east, west of Lovell Road, they had struck a metal object lying in the roadway. The first victim stated that the object may have come off of an unknown semi-truck. The object flattened the tires on the second victim’s vehicle, a Toyota Highlander. The object also damaged the front and undercarriage of the first victim’s Toyota Yaris. The object was located by another officer and removed from the interstate. Neither victim was injured as a result of the accident.

• Sept. 7: A Heathermoor Drive woman advised police that sometime in May 2007, an unknown person took a bag containing 25 credit cards, her driver’s license and her Social Security card. On May 17, victim stated that Target called her and asked if she had charged more than $800 on her Target credit card that day. Victim stated that she told them she had not. Victim does not know where the items were taken from.

• Sept. 7: A Farragut Commons Drive woman called police to report a disturbance between her and the suspect. The victim stated she and the suspect were arguing due to the suspect wanting the debit card and the victim not wanting to give the suspect the debit card. The suspect left the residence en route to a dental appointment. The victim was advised of her rights under the Tennessee Domestic Violence Law.

• Sept. 8: A man on Oakland Hills Point advised police that over the last four months he has noticed items missing from his residence. Victim states he has a cleaning service come in once a month and after each visit complainant notices an item missing.

• Sept. 9: A woman advised police that she was walking to her car in the parking lot of Kroger when an unknown suspect drove by, leaned out of the vehicle, and snatched her purse from the shopping cart. The suspect then fled the premises. The victim was not injured as a result of the incident. Officers located the suspect vehicle and pursued the vehicle until the pursuit was terminated due to high speeds and risk to the public.

• Sept. 10: A Scenic View man advised police that an unknown suspect entered his house through an unlocked window in the front of his house and stole items. Complainant is in the process of moving into another house and left the items that were stolen in his old house. Nobody was living in the house at the time of the theft.

• Sept. 10: A Lanesborough Way woman advised police that her credit card had been stolen out of her purse. She advised that she does not know where or for sure when the card may have been stolen. No suspects.

• Sept. 10: A man reported to police that his truck was parked in the parking lot of where he worked. The catalytic converter and two oxygen sensors were cut off and stolen.

• Sept. 10: A Murray Drive man called police to report that he had been assaulted by an unknown suspect. The victim stated he had earlier pulled out into Parkside Drive and was hit in the rear by another vehicle. The suspect was driving the vehicle and the suspect told the victim he did not want a police report filed. Both parties left the scene after agreeing not to file a report. A short time later the victim was at Baptist Hospital visiting a family member. The victim went to his vehicle to retrieve his cigarettes. As the victim exited his vehicle and turned around, the suspect punched the victim in his face with a closed fist. The victim fought back and punched the suspect. The suspect then ran to his vehicle and fled the scene. As the suspect was driving off, the suspect told the victim, “I’ll find you later!”

• Sept. 11: A Chapel Point Lane woman advised police that someone had made entry into both of their vehicles. The front passenger side window was broken out of the first vehicle and the second vehicle was not locked. No suspects.

• Sept. 11: An Oakcroft Drive woman advised police that an unknown suspect gained entry to a vehicle belonging to her mother by breaking the passenger front window. No property was reported missing at the time of the report.

• Sept. 11: A Woodcliff Drive man advised police that he has been receiving harassing phone calls on his cell phone. The victim advised that the suspect(s) have been calling 10-15 times per day. According to the victim, the suspect(s) doesn’t say anything. If the victim lets his voice mail pick-up, the suspect(s) just leave heavy breathing, laughing or whistling on the voice mail. The victim said when these calls come in, his phone shows restricted. The victim stated he has no idea who is making these calls. He has spoken with U.S. Cellular about blocking this number from his phone but was told that would require a subpoena.

• Sept. 11: Officers responded to a residential burglary call off Union Camp Lane. The victim called police when he arrived home and found several lights on inside his residence. Victim stated that no lights were left on when he left earlier in the evening. Victim then noticed that several pictures had been stolen from his living room and kitchen. Victim stated these pictures were of him and his ex-girlfriend/suspect. Officer found no signs of forced entry to any part of the residence. Victim stated he and the suspect had been secretly dating and the relationship recently ended. Victim stated the suspect had a key to his residence during their relationship and could have possibly made a copy. Victim had planned to use these photos to possibly incriminate the suspect. Victim believes the suspect used an unauthorized key to gain entry into his residence and take the items. No other items were damaged or stolen at the time of this incident.

• Sept. 12: A man reported to officers that an unknown suspect entered his vehicle while he was in a restaurant. The vehicle was left unlocked. Complainant states he parked the vehicle next to a red Dodge. There was a white male at the vehicle who was smoking a cigarette. Complainant states when he returned to his vehicle, the vehicle smelled of cigarette smoke and items valued at $1,618 were gone.

• Sept. 12: A Bluegrass Road woman advised police that her handicap placard had been stolen out of her vehicle while she was in Food City grocery store. The vehicle was not locked and a window was down. No suspects.

• Sept. 12: A Russfield Drive man advised police that he purchased his vehicle on July 23. The dealership was supposed to transfer the tags from his current vehicle to the new vehicle. He states he was told by the dealership that he would receive a new tag in the mail. He later found out from the clerk’s office that the transfer did happen and that he was supposed to use the current tag. When he notified the dealership, they did not have the tag. The tag was possibly destroyed by the dealership, but complainant is unsure. A report was needed to obtain a new tag.

• Sept. 12: Officers responded to a call at Texaco off Kingston Pike. Complainant advised the suspect drove off without paying for $38.36 in gasoline. Complainant stated the suspect came inside and said the pump would not take his check card. The complainant said he advised the suspect that if it would not work at the pump, it would not work inside. The complainant stated he got busy and turned the wrong pump on for a customer. The suspect happened to be at the pump he turned on. The complainant said the suspect filled up and left heading toward Loudon County on Kingston Pike.

• Sept. 12: Officers responded to a call at Petro Truck Stop off Watt Road. The complainant advised them the suspect drove off of the property without paying for his gas.

• Sept. 13: A Butterfield Lane woman advised police that an unknown suspect cut the lock on her outbuilding and stole property valued at $250.

• Sept. 13: An Olde Colony Parkway woman advised that someone has stolen her debit card. She last used the card at Kroger. She discovered the next day that the card had been stolen. Complainant is unsure how it may have been stolen. No



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