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• I live in Sugarwood, and I just now made a left-hand turn to come into Sugarwood. Someone coming east gets into that turn lane to turn illegally into [a local convenience store]. This has happened several times to me. It has happened to my husband. It is a very dangerous situation … I know they’ve made the lanes so that it looks like they’re supposed to be just in and out. But people are getting in that lane, and this one tonight almost hit me head-on. So I really would like that put in the paper so that the police are aware that people are making illegal turns [into the store].

• I had the opportunity to attend a Farragut High School football game Nov. 16 to see my friend’s son play. I found it interesting that there was so much tobacco usage on and around the field not only by spectators but coaches and others. I was under the impression that tobacco use of any kind was forbidden on Knox County School[s] property. If so, why the double standard for sporting events and why in the world would coaches and one of the “chain gang” be using on the field? What kind of example is this?

• I really enjoy reading [a farragutpress columnist], it is one of the highlights of farragutpress. In particular, I thought his most recent column about finding a letter from a World War II vet to his teacher was quite touching. This makes me want to know if [the columnist] is tempted to find the teacher or her family, along with finding out what happened to the vet mentioned in the story. Did he make it through the war OK?

• I just want to say thank you for sending the paper out a day early due to Thanksgiving. I enjoyed receiving it, and I think that was thoughtful.

• I’m calling in regards to the business at the corner of West End [Avenue] and Kingston Pike. .. I would like to commend them for the wonderful improvements they’ve made to the exterior of the building with the paint, and we hope everyone will patronize them.

• Hi, I am a resident of farragut, but my sister lives off of Cedar Bluff and is disabled so I spend a good bit of time during the day at her house. There is a town of Farragut truck that stays in the subdivision a lot during the day. It is a Ford F250 four-wheel drive, not new I would guess; four or five years old, the only one I have seen with chrome wheels. I guess he lives there, just wondering if he has a home office and why it would be outside city limits? It is usually gone about 7:30 or so in the mornings, but comes back normally in a few hours and is there the biggest portion of the day and all night. During work hours I would guess it to be parked in front of the residence on average five hours a day, few times less, sometimes a little more. Another thing I was wondering about this truck, with gas prices as high as they are, why would this truck be needed for everyday driving? There is another town-owned truck I have seen about like it pulling mowers; I can understand that, but why would this truck be needed for this type of work? The looks of it, it hasn’t done a lot of heavy hauling and I never see it hooked to anything. Concerned ... .

• I just wanted to call and express my congratulations to the Farragut Admiral football team for a great year. I look forward to the next season.

• Editorial freedom is a wonderful concept, but it does come with its responsibilities. With that in mind, the farragutpress has developed policies that will be followed regarding the publication of presstalk comments:

• Libelous comments will not be published.

• Malicious comments will not be published.

• Comments will remain anonymous.

• Recorded comments will be limited to 30 seconds.

• Names of individuals or businesses mentioned in the call may not be published (including public figures and officials) depending on the issue.

• Comments mentioning names of public figures will be published as a “Letter to the Editor” and must be signed.

• farragutpress reserves the right not to publish any comment for any reason.

• Because of space limitations, not every comment will be published. Also, portions of the 30-second message may be omitted, but the basic message of the call will remain intact.

• Vulgar language will not be printed.

That’s it. The forum is open for comments regarding anything you have on your mind — local politics, world affairs, sports, religion, community affairs, city-county unification or anything else.


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