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FIS student out-sells others again

The Knox County Schools coupon book sale is over, and a Farragut Intermediate School student has been named the top seller in the county.

Kaitlyn Doan, 10, sold 365 books this year, earning her four Hannah Montana concert tickets, a 19-inch flat-screen television, a $50 Wal-Mart gift card and a $100 hhgregg gift card, in addition to several other prizes. Her picture also will be on the cover of the 2008 coupon book.

“I’m really, really excited. A lot of people have been congratulating me, and today I had my principal [Kay Wellons] come to my classroom and give me a copy of the newspaper with my newspaper. She said, ‘good job’ and gave me a hug. It made me really, really happy,” Kaitlyn, who ice skates competitively, said.

What was her motivation for selling that many coupon books?

“It’s mainly about getting better stuff for my school,” she said, and with $7.50 for each coupon book staying at FIS, she raised $2,737.50.

The possibility of Hannah Montana tickets was not a factor in her success, she said.

“Actually I thought because Hannah Montana is such a popular person, some crazy kid was going to sell like 600 or something. So when I went to pick up my T-V that I won [for selling 100 coupon books], they told me that I sold the most in the county, and I was really, really surprised,” she added.

“Kaitlyn has sold 1,042 books since she’s been at that school, so it didn’t matter if there wasn’t Hannah Montana tickets available, she would’ve sold that many books because that’s just her,” Beverly Doan, Kaitlyn’s mother, said, “[Kaitlyn] kept saying she wanted the flat-screen T-V, that was her goal. She never even mentioned the Hannah Montana tickets because she thought that was an unreachable goal.”

The next closest seller was Hunter Lewis at A.L. Lotts Elementary School with 238. How did she outsell everyone else by more than 100 books?

“She sold them in front of a business,” Beverly said. “She would do homework up in front of the retail business. She would go straight from skating [at the Icearium] to the business and stay there until nine o’clock at night when they closed. She would sit on Sundays for six hours. She’d take an hour for lunch, but we’d eat dinner out there.”

Kaitlyn, a fifth-grader in Laura Burgard’s class, said she came up with the idea about three years ago.

“I kind of got tired of going door to door. I think I can get more people [sitting in front of a business] than by knocking on doors because you never know if they’re going to be there,” she said, adding she feels like the hard work has paid off, both for her and the school.

This isn’t the first time Kaitlyn’s been the top seller in Knox County. She also earned that distinction in 2005, and her picture was on the cover of the 2006 coupon books.

“Mary Kerr told me she’s the first person in Knox County history to be on the book twice,” Beverly said.

Kaitlyn said she enjoyed having her photo on the cover.

“It wasn’t exactly strange; it was cool. Sometimes people would buy the coupon book because my picture was on it,” she said.

Kaitlyn said she took two of her skating friends to the concert, rather than her father, Eric, and her brother, Jeffrey.

“They were both like so excited. When I told them they were like ‘oh my gosh; oh my gosh,’” she added.

After the concert, Beverly said, “They really had a good time.”

As far as her other prizes go, Kaitlyn said she “loves her T-V” and doesn’t know what she’s going to buy with the hhgregg gift card. She used her Wal-Mart gift card to buy “two Hannah Montana C-Ds.”


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