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police reports:

• Sept. 13: Officers responded to a call on West Kingsgate Road to investigate a possible theft of property. Once on the scene, the responding officer interviewed the victim and found that the top portion of his Craftsman toolbox was taken. The victim stated that all of his hand tools were in that section of his toolbox. The estimated cost of the toolbox and tools is $350. The victim was advised of where to obtain a copy of this report for insurance purposes.

• Sept. 13: Officers responded to a call on Chaho Road. The victim advised police he got into an argument with the suspect and stated the suspect threatened to go get a gun. The victim stated the suspect almost hit his car with his van as the victim was trying to leave.

• Sept. 13: A man reported to police that he was traveling east on I-40 when lug nuts started coming off of a trailer dolly the Yellow Transportation semi-truck was pulling. The victim stated the lug nuts hit his vehicle and equipment damaging them.

• Sept. 13: A Sharps Chapel Road man advised police two of his chain saws were stolen out of the bed of his truck. The saws were not locked down. No entry was made into the cab of the truck. No suspects. Complainant was in the Cracker Barrel at the time of the theft.

• Sept. 14: Officers responded to a theft call on Watt Road. The complainant said that he saw the suspect place a 12-pack of Budweiser beer in a bag and leave the Petro Travel Store without paying. Upon officer arrival, the suspect was found in the parking lot with the beer on the truck where he was standing. The suspect was placed under arrest for theft. The victim decided not to prosecute due to lack of personnel to leave and sign the warrant. A misdemeanor citation was not issued for lack of prosecution. The manager was advised of the report and their ability to prosecute at a later date. The suspect was advised by the manager that he was banned from the property and that the business would not prosecute at that time. The suspect read and signed a waiver concerning the arrest and release due to the business deciding not to prosecute. The suspect left the property. The remaining 10 beers were returned to the store manager.

• Sept. 14: Officers responded to a call regarding complainant presenting an emergency protective custody order from Juvenile Court of Knox County to the school administrators giving him custody of his four children. The protective order reversed the temporary custody agreement and order of protection signed by a Jefferson County judge. The reversal was due to mother’s boyfriend, who is a sexual offender and who is registered on the Michigan registry.

• Sept. 15: Officers responded to a theft call at McDonald’s off Kingston Pike. When officer arrived, complainant told officer that she had an unknown person drive up to the cash window, get out of their vehicle, reach into the window and punched a cash register code, opened the register and took $1,770.40 in cash (class D felony). Officer watched the in store video camera and saw suspect, who was in charge of this window, pick up a cell phone and call someone. She then walked away from register, left the drive through window open and turned the register screen toward the open window. After this took place, the suspect left this area, minutes later returned with a manager. The suspect told the manager that someone has stolen the money out of the register. The suspect at no time went back to the register or opened the register to see if there was money in the drawer or not. The suspect that drove up to the window and took the money is unknown.

• Sept. 15: A Royal Springs woman advised police that she and the suspect had gotten into a verbal argument at their residence over family matters. Complainant stated they were both yelling and pushing each other before she left the residence. Complainant stated it was an ongoing problem. She also stated she had a safe place to spend the night and refused any type of medical treatment. Complainant stated that there were numerous weapons in the residence. Complainant was advised of the stand-by policy and the process to obtain an order of protection.

• Sept. 14: A West Kings Gate Road woman advised police she discovered a $300 charge on her checking account and the check had been written to the suspect and cashed by the suspect. The victim stated she had not written a check to the suspect, that the suspect must have gotten the code to her garage door and made entry in her house, stolen the check, forged her name and cashed it.

• Sept. 16: A Fords Cove Lane man advised police that person(s) unknown broke eleven windows in their house under construction. Complainant advised the cost of replacement would be $10,000. Complainant later called to advise the window frames ($5,000) would have to be replaced also.

• Sept. 16: Officers responded to a call at Kentucky Fried Chicken off Kingston Pike. The complainant stated he found a window to the restaurant had been broken out. The window was broken by a small log.

• Sept. 16: A Dundee Lane woman advised police that her son had taken her tag off her Saturn and replaced it with an expired tag. The complainant advised that she did not know her son, the suspect, had switched the tags until she was pulled over by the Loudon County Sheriff’s Office. The complainant advised that the correct tag was put back on the vehicle by the suspect. Complainant advised she wanted the report made for documentation in court.

• Sept. 17: A man advised police that person(s) unknown threw rocks and broke out a front double window in a house under construction. The window frame was also damaged.


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