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Presstalk ‘truck’ query answered, farragutpress principles condemned

Presstalk ‘truck’ query answered

This is in response to the letter that was written in “presstalk” last week concerning a specific town of Farragut vehicle. The particular vehicle that was mentioned is assigned to me, and I have been employed by the Town in my current capacity for more than 20 years.

I do not appreciate your public airing of inaccurate conclusions about my vehicle being parked in front of my home. As part of my position with the town of Farragut, I must drive a vehicle home to be able to respond to emergency calls from Rural Metro, Knox County Sheriff, etc. 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year.

Documentation, which is kept with the town of Farragut, will indicate the number of days that I drive to and from work, and I personally pay for the mileage that makes up my commute to/from home. This vehicle is not driven for any other purpose other than town business.

The statement that my truck is parked in front of my home “4-5 hours per day” is completed unfounded and inaccurate. If my truck is in front of my home for this length of time, it is because I am either on annual leave or out of town on business.

The remarks that were made regarding my truck have absolutely no basis. This truck is used in many and varied capacities from hauling, to delivering, and as a back-up vehicle.

The F-250 is required to handle the size of snowplow I use. In supervising my crews and meeting with citizens, this truck is my office for the majority of every single day.

If you have any other comments regarding my employment, the hours that I work, what time I go home to eat lunch, how I spend town money, the type of vehicle that I drive and why, or the specific work that I do with the town of Farragut, please relay your concerns directly to Mr. Dan Olson, the town administrator at 865-966-7057.


Bud McKelvey

Public Works Director

Town of Farragut

farragutpress principles condemned

One week you are writing in your paper about what I do for the community on Thanksgiving Day, and the next week, you are trashing me personally and professionally as a town of Farragut employee.

You say that you print everything that is called in to “presstalk” by anyone who is too chicken to leave their name and number. Because you operate in this manner, in my opinion, this makes the newspaper the author of these anonymous letters.

What you have printed is no less than public slander.

When something is written and people read it, it is too late to take back opinions that have already been formed. It was your suggestion that I give a rebuttal, and I am doing so in an effort to undo the damage that has been done. The “opinion” that was given to you was not a general town concern, but was a personal attack on my job and my integrity. As a responsible media outlet, you should have carried out some professional journalism and come to the town of Farragut with their open records policy to verify the authenticity of the accusations that were leveled against me. The irresponsibility with which you printed the attack against me could be likened to grocery store check-out lane news trash. I am disappointed that our town newspaper has willingly fed lies to its

citizens in the name of


If you would like any information about what your Town’s Public Works Department does every day of the year, such as keeping your streets clean, your parks and ball fields maintained and beautiful, your roadways litter-free, and many, many other infrastructure maintenance issues, I would be happy to spend some time to tell you the truth about what the employees of the Public Works Department do on a regular basis.


Bud McKelvey

Public Works Director

Town of Farragut


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