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• I’m calling to see if the farragutpress would look into why the town of Farragut has allowed [a local business] to dig up every single neighborhood in Farragut? What are the benefits? Is this something that I, as a voting member of Farragut, should be happy about? Quite honestly, the company has been in my yard and my neighborhood for the past three weeks doing quite a lot of damage and clearly hiring illegal aliens to do part of the work. I’m not quite sure if this is something that I truly want to continue to support the next time I vote for the Farragut [town] board members and our good mayor. So I would really appreciate the farragutpress doing an article and helping me understand this process a little better.

• This is in response to the [person] who was upset about the liquor store opening up across from the schools. There is also a [grocery store] that sells beer and several gas stations that sell beer in that same area. Does [the person] think we need to close all those too?

• Concerning the liquor store, people are just as likely to walk into the gas stations or the grocery stores that are right there by the schools and purchase beer

and drink it then. What’s the


• [About] the movie “The Golden Compass:” as a person of faith, I am totally shocked and dismayed at the number of church leaders who have taken it upon themselves to tell their congregations what to think, how to feel, and in this case, what movies to see and not to see. God gave us his only son to forgive our sins. He also gave us free will. If he wanted us to be a bunch of mindless sheep, that’s exactly what we would be. It seems that more and more of our church leaders are wanting to be kinda like some of the leaders over in the extremist areas of Islam. They will read the Holy text, they will read the Bible, and then they will tell us what is says. We’re not supposed to read it for ourselves or think for ourselves. This is the same kinda reaction to this movie that happened in the 1972 era when “Jesus Christ Superstar” came out. It was considered to be blasphemous. Personally, I saw it when I was 15 and I felt it brought me closer to Jesus. So, if you don’t want to spend your money on a movie, don’t spend it. But don’t just take someone’s word for it because they have the term Reverend or Pastor in front of their name; that you should or should not go see a movie, read a book. This is a free country, or have our church leaders forgotten that?

• I noticed the same thing that last week’s writer called in about, the ghetto-looking area along [a west Farragut road], which is a nice entrance-way to Farragut from the Interstate. There’s cars trashed in the front yard, and I’m wondering if this is going to become a real eyesore? They’re multiple cars out there. Many people seem to be living in this small house. It’s a real eyesore for West Knoxville. People that are coming in to go to Bridgemore and the nice, new area that’s being developed out that way. Wonder if there’s not a zoning ordinance that would allow for this, or to remove this? And how many people can live in a house anyway? This is Farragut — what a mess.

• [Concerning a local high school coach], That brings up the quote by one of these esteemed high school coaches: “politics got me the job, politics keep me the job.”

• I encourage others to join me in contacting the Tennessee Department of Transportation to protest the cutting of trees along the public’s right-of-way along Campbell Station Road west exit. I don’t think it’s any coincidence these trees are between the Interstate and two restaurants. It is obvious these businesses are trying to enhance their own visibility by cutting down trees within the public’s right-of-way. Let me emphasize this point: it is the public’s right-of-way and does not belong to the business community. TDOT should fine those responsible and require them to replant trees to replace those that have been destroyed. Aren’t bus-sized billboard signs enough for these businesses? Do they have to destroy everything green as well?


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