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police reports:

• Sept. 20: Officers received a call at Wild Wing Cafe off Campbell Station Road. The victim stated he got into an argument with his friend while they were at Wild Wing Cafe and stated the suspect got mad and busted his window out of his vehicle as they were leaving. Both parties appeared to have been drinking alcoholic beverages and left with designated drivers.

• Sept. 21: A Lamesa Lane woman advised police that she found her yard had been rolled with bathroom tissue and her driveway had been egged. Victim also found obscene words written on garage doors and a dead possum in the driveway with the words “your next” written in a red liquid. The animal was removed by the town of Farragut.

• Sept. 22: Officers were dispatched to Fox Lake Drive for a domestic disturbance. Upon arrival, officers made contact with both parties and attempted to get a statement from each individual. After getting each statement, officers were unable to determine who the primary aggressor was. Each party received minor injury as a result of engaging in a fight with each other. Each party was given a copy of their domestic violence rights and those rights were explained to them as well. Both parties refused medical treatment while officers were on the scene. The man agreed to leave the residence and stated he will be returning home to New York the next day.

• Sept. 22: A woman off Fort West Drive advised police that two suspects threw several eggs at the front of her stucco home, causing approximately $3,000 of damage. The victim could not give a description of the suspects, but stated they took off running when she stepped outside.

• Sept. 22: Officers responded to a vandalism call at Sonic on Kingston Pike. The complainant advised two white males began to kick and punch the speaker box in the drive through. The speaker box is damaged to the point that it is no longer in the ground. The complainant also advised the vandalism was caught on tape.

• Sept. 22: A woman advised police that while she was having surgery at Baptist Hospital, unknown person(s) stole property from her property bag. After waking up from surgery, complainant remembers the staff advising they could not find the key to her locker.

• Sept. 22: The complainant advised officers she wanted them to escort her to an address off Farlow Drive to retrieve her English bulldog that she has papers on. The complainant says that she lives in Montana and the suspect used to be her neighbor in Montana. When the suspect moved to Farlow Drive, the complainant says that her dog disappeared. The complainant hired a private investigator who located the dog at this residence. Officers asked the suspect about the dog, at which time the suspect said that he did take the dog from Montana and that he thought the complainant was neglecting the dog and that is the reason for taking the dog. The suspect did not have the owner’s consent to take the dog. The suspect told officers that he had no problem with the complainant taking the dog back and that he was sorry. The dog was given back to the complainant without incident. The complainant did not want to file charges for theft at the time of the report, but just wanted her dog back.

• Sept. 22: Officers were dispatched to Black Road to investigate a domestic assault between sisters. While enroute, the victim met officers at Campbell Station and Black Road in her vehicle. The victim told officers that her sister (arrestee) was intoxicated. The victim asked the arrestee if she could take some pictures of her. The arrestee agreed. The victim began taking pictures and at one point the arrestee displayed her middle finger while the picture was being taken. The victim quit taking pictures and walked away. At this point, the arrestee stood and attacked the victim from behind, exclaiming, “a demon has taken over your body.” The arrestee pushed the victim to the floor, pulled her hair, bit her, and ripped off her shirt. The victim freed herself, ran into the bedroom, put on a shirt and fled the residence in her truck. The victim had minor scratches on her right arm and fresh bruises on her knees. The victim showed offers the ripped shirt. The arrestee was taken into custody without incident.

• Sept. 23: Officers responded to a theft call at Petro’s off North Watt Road. Complainant stated the suspect entered the store and walked out with items without paying. The suspect then entered a vehicle that was driven by a male, and left the premises.


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