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• Me next! Me next! I want to be the farragutpress’s next victim. As an amateur editorial writer, who is rarely published, it would be my dream to get two full-length letters printed — let alone in the same issue. Wow, [what a] lucky man. If any of those attackers, trash-talkers, chickens or slanderers are reading this, will you please call in and dish out some “public slander” on me. I wish to provide you with the loose foundation you need to make a seemingly innocuous/vague/forgettable phone editorial turn in to “a personal attack on my job and integrity.” Here goes … I am a healthcare worker at a facility here in west Knoxville. I drive a silver Toyota SUV (which I double park). Now, I don’t want to be specific or disclose my name just yet. That will be reserved for my replies to your completely unmemorable presstalk message. It will be in my two written responses that I will disclose my name, place of work, years of service, military experience (if applicable), how much I have in my 401(k), etc. If someone out there will just PLEASE take notice of me and call in and build me a little soapbox, I will jump right on it and cry that I have been crucified by the local newspaper that has “willingly fed lies to its citizens.” I will proclaim that the farragutpress failed to do a full investigative report on each completely nameless sound bite that makes up our anonymous presstalk each week. I will write two letters. Starving for attention and obviously frustrated with my job, Dr. _______

• I was just wondering if there were any leads on who stole the electronic keyboard from [a local church] after services [recently]? That’s just low. I mean, you have to wonder if it wasn’t somebody’s kid who goes there. If somebody’s going to steal from a church, they’re just a low-life-and-a-half.

• This is in response to the first item in the [Dec. 13] issue of presstalk regarding the person that [called] in about the digging in the yard. I would just like to know how this person knows that the people digging in her yard are illegal aliens? Does she go out and personally check their cards? This is kind of a slap in the face of honest people doing honest work for people that don’t want to do it. And I just would like to know how they know these people are illegal aliens?

• This call is in response to the “clearly hiring illegal aliens to do part of the work” comment in [Dec. 13] paper. This stereotypical comment was so disturbing that I addressed the issue with the construction foreman who is currently working in our neighborhood. He assured me, and this will hopefully assure the caller as well, that all of his workers who are Hispanic are here on business visas. And he also assured me that they are professional and hard workers and some of the best employees that he has.

• Year after year we look over the beautiful Christmas decorations in the Farragut area. After traveling to many subdivisions looking at the decorations, we find the one on Lake Park Circle near Anchor Park to continue to out-do any of the other decorations. They are just beautiful. … The one on Lake Park Circle changes some each year. Thanks for the beauty. It looks like the city of Farragut could do a better job decorating.

• I just received my Farragut paper, and I’m calling about the entry in [Dec. 13] presstalk. The person was talking about someone digging up every single neighborhood in Farragut, and then went on to say that they’re obviously, clearly hiring illegal aliens. How do you know they’re illegal? Are you saying that because they may be Hispanic? I’m sorry, but you are clearly stepping way over the line.

• A friend of mine was passing through Farragut on [a recent] Sunday afternoon and was held up for 11 minutes while police, or sheriff’s folks, allowed traffic to exit from the Baptist church in Concord. That seems grossly unfair to me in that she observed a number of cars actually backing out and getting into line at the church during the time she was actually held still. To me, the people already in the road should not have to wait any longer than those that are not even in line at the church to exit.

• Kudos to the person who brought up the town of Farragut truck, for I have seen that truck in different places during business hours … So, it’s about time the town of Farragut does something about this … .


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