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police reports:

• Sept. 23: An Andes Road man advised police that the suspect called him. There has been a Temporary Order of Protection filed against the suspect. Complainant has the call on tape, in which he asks the suspect why she called because she knows they are not supposed to be talking. She stated that “they” would believe her over him because of his record.

• Sept. 24: Officers were called to Campbell Station by the complainant about calls his daughter is receiving. His daughter and the suspect worked together approximately one year ago, at which time they developed a relationship. Since that time, the suspect bought the complainant’s daughter a cell phone, which she accepted and began talking to her as well as sending her sexually explicit e-mails and pictures. The complainant found the phone and confronted his daughter, who at the time denied any wrongdoing. The daughter later admitted she had had the phone for a while. The complainant contacted school officers and advised them of the situation and to watch for the suspect on campus. Complainant also confronted the suspect at church and advised him to stay away from his daughter. Complainant has contacted juvenile authorities and was told they needed a police report to help them obtain an order of protection.

• Sept. 24: A woman off Linden Drive advised police that suspect attacked her. The suspect was mad because victim had been seeing her husband. Victim stated that suspect hit her causing her to fall to the ground. Suspect then got on top of her and continued hitting her. Victim had dirt on her clothes and a red mark on her right arm but refused medical treatment. Suspect was gone upon officer’s arrival.

• Sept. 24: An Oran Road man advised police that someone got into his vehicle and stole items. The vehicle was not locked. The stereo/CD player was stolen out of the vehicle and the face was damaged. Three rolls of pennies were stolen and a jumper cable box was stolen. No suspects.

• Sept. 24: A woman advised police that she parked her vehicle in the parking lot of Kohls along Kingston Pike to shop. When she returned, she discovered an unknown suspect in an unknown vehicle had struck her vehicle and had left the scene. The victim’s vehicle had damage to the left rear quarter panel.

• Sept. 24: A Breezy Ridge Trail woman advised police that person(s) unknown vandalized her vehicle. The victim advised that her daughter had driven the vehicle to Farragut High School. Sometime during school person(s) unknown keyed the passenger side from the front door to the rear panel. There was also a large dent in the hood.

• Sept. 24: Officers responded to a call at the Pilot Station on Campbell Station Road. Complainant stated the suspect pumped $35 in gas then drove off without paying.

• Sept. 24: Officers responded to a call at Gander Mountain off Parkside Drive. An unknown person came to the cash register to make a purchase. The suspect handed the cashier a $50 bill and when given change, stated to the cashier that he had given her a $100 bill. After several attempts to make the correct change, the suspect ended up cheating the cashier out of $380. The suspect then left the store with several other males. The complainant was called by the cashier and found the register to be short $380 after being counted. The exchange between the cashier and the suspect was caught on video. The complainant advised officers that the cashier had left for the day and could not be reached for an interview. The complainant was told a detective would be in touch with him in the next couple of days.

• Sept. 24: Officers responded to a call at Kohl’s Department Store on Kingston Pike. The complainant is employed by Kohl’s and is the loss prevention officer. The complainant advises that he observed the suspect inside the store in the shoe department. The suspect selected a pair of shoes from the shelf and put the new shoes on, and then put his old pair back in the box. The suspect exited the store wearing the new shoes without offering to pay for the merchandise. The complainant stopped the suspect outside the store and brought him back into the security office. The complainant recovered the stolen shoes.

• Sept. 25: A woman off San Madre Drive advised police that the suspect cashed a stolen and forged check at a credit union. The suspect did not have the permission of the complainant to forge her name on the check or to have the check in his possession. The check was stolen from the complainant’s


• Sept. 25: Officers were called to a company off Kingston Pike. The suspects, who were employed by the company, had a customer write two separate checks for payment. The complainant advised the company was due $4,000 from this job. The suspects had the customer write the company a check for $500 and a check payable to an individual for $3,500. According to the complainant, the suspect cashed the check and divided the money with the other suspect. The complainant said both suspects have been terminated from their employment. At this time the complainant stated they do not wish to prosecute either suspect.

• Sept. 25: Officers responded to a call from Hollywood Video off Kingston Pike. Complainant advised police an unknown female came into the store and took items and ran out of the emergency fire door from the Hollywood Video store. They did not pay for these items.

• Sept. 26: A Meadow Walk Lane woman advised police that her son took her vehicle to eat at Wild Wing Cafe off Campbell Station Road. Complainant’s son was meeting with friends, one of whom had evidently stolen the vehicle. The victim states her son has been receiving phone calls from his friend saying that he took the vehicle to Nashville but would come back with it and they could meet him at his residence to pick the vehicle up. The victim believes the suspect lives somewhere along Westland Drive, but does not know for sure.

• Sept. 26: A Lindenhall Circle woman advised police that three subdivision street signs have been stolen from the streets in Andover Place Subdivision. No suspects. This is the second time signs have been stolen from the subdivision.

• Sept. 26: A Wagon Wheel Circle woman advised police that she has been receiving harassing phone calls from her ex-husband. The suspect calls and threatens to retaliate against the complainant because the complainant has been asking the suspect for child support. The complainant admitted to calling the suspect, but stated that it was to ask the suspect to stop calling her unless it pertained to their son.


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