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Francis column ‘classic’, Red Light Camera

Francis column ‘classic’

Jeff Francis’ recent article on planning early for retirement is a clasic.

In one article, he sums it all up succinctly and correctly. We have been retired 15 years now, and following a plan very similar to that espoused by Jeff, we have kept our heads about water. Some minor differences in our planning however, do exist as follows:

Do not plan on a cost of living equal to 70 percent or 80 percent of pre-retirement expenses. Try to keep it to about the 50 percent range. This will reduce tax bills on Social Security and other income.

Also, try to invest in rental property. Depreciation can be a helpful ingredient at tax time.

More importantly, more modest expectations will help keep investment principal growing against inflationary pressures.

Yes, healthcare and dental care in the form of adequate insurance coverage has worked for us, but is very expensive, though cheaper than the alternatives.

Insurance depletes a considerable amount of discretionary income, but personal set-aside programs with disciplined attention works.

Careful shopping for food, clothing and essentials must figure into the mix. We cannot spend with abandon and expect our income to grow as we age.

Travel has become a pain rather than a pleasure anyway, and is no longer a must in our retirement plans.

Harry Hogan


Red Light Camera

The Town has the ability to ensure both a balance of driver safety and corrective law enforcement in regards to using red light cameras.

This can be done via the following measures:

The town needs to make sure the yellow light is long enough and will meet traffic engineering guidelines that ensure that only deliberate red-light runners are ticketed.

All violation photos must show the red light, and all violation notices must reach the car owner within two weeks of the incident to allow the driver the ability to recollect the event.

Next a clear list of special exemptions and actions that need to be submitted should be included with the mailed ticket. Example, if someone steals a car and runs three red lights how does the car owner precede in removing the ticket?

While many other ideas can be implemented (example the complexity of legal issues), those listed above will make the new laws more effective and less confusing.

Daniel Andrews



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