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• I would like to know why our country is catering so much to the hispanic population. Did our country do this for all the other people, from different countries when they came here? I think the German, Polish, Oriental, etc, immigrants all learned to speak English because they chose to become Americans and considered it a honor to do so. Now, all of a sudden, we have to “push one” if we want our information in English. Are we still in American where English is the language spoken? Why didn’t we do the same for each Country? Why only for the Mexicans? Just wondering ... how does this make all the other nationalities feel? Are they any less important? Why don’t we say if you want your info in German, “push 2.” A lot of taxes are spent on hiring extra teachers for the students that don’t speak English. Is this fair to our children, when those extra teachers could be offering more classrooms for our overcrowded school system? I do not have anything against Mexicans, I just think if they want to live in America, then speak like one and at least act like you are proud to be here, just like all other immigrants that came to our country. And don’t expect everyone to treat you any different than anyone else.

• Does the Knox County Sheriff’s Department have any intention of enforcing the traffic laws regarding the Kingston Pike access to the new Weigel’s? I’ve seen people make illegal left turns into and out of the store on numerous occasions, sometimes in full view of a Deputy Sheriff and nothing is done about it! The other night an SUV almost broadsided a little Mercedes that illegally turned out of their parking lot. I wonder if the father would have considered the life of his small daughter (that should not have been riding in the front seat anyway) a fair exchange for the 30 seconds he probably saved by making the illegal turn? If the Sheriff’s Department is not going to resolve this problem then someone else needs to get involved like maybe the highway patrol. Kingston Pike is a state road isn’t it?

• OK [farragutpress], it’s time to stop running scared of the First Baptist Church of Concord. You said if something new and different came up with the ongoing controversy between the First Baptist Church of Concord and the neighborhoods that are negatively affected by their expansion that you would report it. OK, report this: the church has requested $12 million of municipal bond money. Now they have said before, ‘no taxpayer money was going to be used in building these expansions.’ Well guess what, that’s where municipal bond money comes from. Taypayers have to buy those. Also, this summer they said in the July meeting they would not be buying any more property in Belleaire. They are in the process of getting approval from the congregation to buy more property in Belleaire. They’ve also been having one of their members call around to people who still have empty lots in Belleaire seeing if they could possibly be interested in selling that lot because they’re selling the houses already on the eastside of Belleaire, even though they keep claiming at the FMPC meetings that they don’t have formal master plans in place yet or on paper for what they want to do. [farragutpress], you need to stand up, you need to report all the issues, you need to report all sides. You’re supposed to be here for the entire community, not just one special interest group because they’re politically, spiritually and financially powerful.

• Imagine the surprise of the Sugarwood residents when the accidently discovered that the unnamed subdivision that [a local organization] is secretly negotiating with to build a new facility turned out to be their’s. I challenge [organization authorities] to immediately release the details of this planned acquisition directly to the Sugarwood residents themselves instead of relying on the Sugarwood board to spring it on them at their annual meeting in January. Your credibility ... is at stake here.

• I want to thank the ... woman with three children at the post office on Dec. 17. ... She let me cut in front of her. I had one little box, and it was just so kind and generous ... polite and so kind of her.

• I am a resident of Concord Hills. I am calling to register a complaint about our neighborhood’s leaf pick-up program. The published date for the leaf pick-up was Dec. 14. People all over the neighborhood scrambled to get their leaves into the street by that deadline for the pick-up. That date came and went, and the leaves are still there. An alternate pick-up date was promoted. That date has also passed and we still have leaves everywhere. They’re filling many streets. They’re an eyesore and a safety hazard. Further, they are blowing back into people’s yards. I’m not sure who planned this, but it is a fiasco. Residents aren’t happy. If they do it again next year there needs to be better planning so it isn’t a repeat fiasco.


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