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Documents ‘Bee Gone’

Almost everyone has seen the Junk Bee Gone trucks buzzing around town removing unwanted items from homes, businesses and storage facilities, but now they may be carrying more than your “junk.”

Mike Such, owner of the business with the “friendly bee” logo, said, “We just started a document destruction service in the last 60 days, by customer request.”

Because of the threat of identity theft, the implementation of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act [HIPPA] and the myriad of other reasons customers do not want their personal information shared or stolen, Such is very careful with the documents his company is entrusted with.

“We take [the documents] directly to an off-site destruction service. The facility we take it to is called A-P-R [Avanced Polymer Recycling] and they are responsible for the confidentiality,” he said.

Junk Bee Gone has documentation the customer must sign upon pickup declaring the documents to be secure when they leave with them. APR is presented with this documentation when the documents arrive at their facility and must sign stating the documents were still secured upon receipt. APR provides Junk Bee Gone with a “Document of Destruction” once the material has been destroyed, which Junk Bee Gone presents to its customer, Such said.

“It’s the same certification that is given to companies like Y-12 and The University of Tennessee.

“[APR] is the most secured company. Because their clientele includes U-T, I felt very confident that they were doing everything in the proper fashion,” he added.

Junk Bee Gone employs ecologically sound business practices and Such said he was pleased to find out that APR recycles all the paper from the documents it destroys.

“All of the paper is 100 percent recycled. It is sent to two different companies that actually turn it into hand towels, toilet paper, that sort of thing. Not all of the [document destruction] companies do that,” Such said.

“We are really into recycling. Between all the computer parts, the metal and the paper that we take, we try very hard to make sure everything is properly recycled. We recycle 100 percent of computer parts. That is very im-portant these days. We recycle 100 percent of metal,” he added.

So besides recycling, what does Such and his team do with the other “junk” they take relieve their customer of?

“We either donate it, recycle it, or take it to a landfill,” Such said.

“We utilize Mission of Hope and Compassion Coalition, those are the two organizations we donate to,” he added.

Such left the corporate world to begin Junk Bee Gone and he and his family have grown the business from the ground up.

“A neighbor of ours mentioned that he was cleaning out a house and there was no professional service in town that did that.

I started researching and found that there were professional organizations around the country that did that kind of thing. I sat down with my family and we came up with the name, my kids came up with the logo. That was two-and-a-half years ago, and it has grown quite nicely,” he said.

“We started the first year with one truck and a couple of guys, and off we went,” he added.

Now, in addition to the document destruction, the business has three trucks and eight 15 cubic-yard dumpsters.

“We call them drive-way dumpsters,” Such said. “We drop them off, [customers] load them up and then we pick them up.”

For more information about Junk Bee Gone, call 865-675-5865.


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