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FHS art program needs donations

Looking for a last-minute donation to write-off on your 2007 taxes?

Consider donating to Farragut High School Art Boosters, who are trying to build an art gallery for students to display work; but a lack of money has slowed the process.

“Our Booster Club is pretty new; we just started last year. We’re pretty small right now. We haven’t really had a major fund-raiser,” Yvonne Kidder, Boosters organizer, said.

“Basically we’re at the place where we need materials to build the walls. We’ve got someone to build the walls; someone is designing the walls; somebody’s going to cut everything. We can get them built; we just need the money for the materials,” Hope Brashear, FHS art teacher, said. “The room has been cleaned out. It’s the former dish room, where the dishes were returned when the cafeteria actually had washable dishes.”

Kidder said walls aren’t the only part of the project requiring money.

“For some reason the lights are tied into [another room] and tied into the security system. So we know we’re going to have to run our own lights,” she said. “We’re hoping to get some flooring, even some pretty linoleum would be better.”

Some community members have already offered to pitch in.

“Mr. [A.L.] ‘Pete’ Lotts said he’ll do our drawing and plan. He said he would help supervise parent volunteers and the assembly of the walls. The walls have to be somewhat moveable because you can’t put a permanent structure in here,” Kidder said.

Why do art students need a gallery?

“We’re hoping to use it for student shows, a more focused place for people to see student artwork. Right now we have it up around the walls of the commons, and it gets food on it,” Brashear said.

“This is something advanced art students need to know how to do – create enough pieces for a show, know how to display it. It’s great hands-on training for the students. [They’ll learn] how to hang the work, how to light the work, how to exhibit, how to present what you do to other people because that’s a huge part of making art. It will be a great opportunity for our students.”

“There’s a real sense of pride when kids are able to show their artwork. It will be used for the National Art Honors Society; we may use it for senior shows that people do, as a way to direct people’s attention to the good art that students are making,” she added. “There’s a lot of interest in displaying work there.”

This isn’t a new idea, Brashear said, but one that has just taken some time to organize.

“They’ve had the idea for a long time, since before I was here. They were offered the space, then it was used as an in-school suspension room,” she said. “The Booster Club is what has really made this happen. It was a nice idea, and then they got behind it. They’ve organized it and really got things going.”

“We hope it’s going to get done this school,” Kidder said. “The art department has applied for a $250 grant from the P-T-A to buy some wood. I’m hoping Lowe’s or Home Depot might donate. I’ve already bought the paint to paint the walls. Any money or goods would be appreciated.”

Art Boosters has plans for after the gallery is finished.

“We’d like to have the art teachers to hold adult classes. Maybe the photography teacher can give a two-hour class on how to take really great pictures. The ceramics teacher could help you make a pot,” she said. “This is so ‘now’ that there’s really not time to organize something else, but we hope to do that in the future.”

For more information or to make a donation, contact Kidder at 865-671-0679.


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