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Water conservation, Thanks for ‘Phil’ story

Water conservation

After reading the recent article about the Ingles superstore it appears the Town government is more worried about future traffic flow problems than about future waterflow problems.

With Knoxville in a long-running drought, it is time that the Town Board institute the use of innovation instead of taxation to solve future problems.

Simple cost effective proven technology can substantially lower the amount of water usage by businesses. To do this the town should mandate the following:

• Require all businesses being built to institute waterless urinals. They cost approximately $350 each. However, each waterless urinal saves up to 45,000 gallons of water per urinal per year! (source

• An even greater approach would be requiring a rooftop rainwater capture system. For the Ingles building alone this would save 2.7 million annual gallons of water! The formula being Maximum Annual Gallons of Rain Capture = Annual Rainfall x Square Footage of Roof x .623 Gallons. Knoxville averages 47.14 inches of rain and the building is 92,000 square feet.

Ben LaFrombois, a spokesperson for Ingles stated: “It should be a very pleasing environment for our customers.”

For the customers and the future of Farragut we need this building to be “environmentally pleasing.”

In conclusion the Town can start requiring businesses to invest in “green infrastructure” or we will all be forced to pay more green in our taxes for new infrastructure to transport and supply us with water from other locations.

Daniel Andrews


Thanks for ‘Phil’ story

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the wonderful article on “Phil” the dog and his companion “Belle” and the Concord Veterinary Hospital. The people who work at Concord Vet are some of the most caring and compassionate people I have ever known. My husband and I have been taking our “furbabies” there for many many years, and several have been “adopted” from there. (thanks Lizz!).

For the new year, please make a resolution to spay or neuter your cats and dogs, make sure they have their current shots, and treat them with the love and respect they need and deserve.

Jeanne Dotts Brykalski



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