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TDS invests in Farragut

In 2007, TDS invested more than $8 million into new high-speed fiber-optic technology for the Farragut community.

This technology is positioning TDS to provide ultra-fast Internet speeds such as Farragut has never seen. Jerry Parkerson, TDS market manager for Farragut, said, “This boost in fiber build-up in Farragut is an obvious sign that we are committed to growing with Tennessee and committed to be the leading broadband provider in the area.”

In order to keep up with the communication demands of Farragut customers, TDS has:

• Launched the new 15Mb high speed DSL service.

• Invested $1.1 million into the new TDS television video series.

• Logged more than 4,000 hours of work by 18 technicians to connect nearly 2,000 new customers.

• Installed fiber-optic lines to nearly 5,000 homes in new and existing neighborhoods.

TDS also spent nearly $60,000 to expand its high-speed DSL coverage in Farragut.

“We are covering more customers with higher DSL speeds than we ever have before,” Parkerson said.

A majority of the investment into high-speed DSL went to increasing Internet speeds to 15Mb.

“T-D-S was able to purchase new equipment to bring Internet speeds higher than we’ve ever seen before in Farragut,” Parkerson said. “Our customers will continue to see investments like these, as new technology becomes available to the marketplace. TDS is looking toward the high-speed horizon for the best speeds and deals for consumers.

Coupling TDS’ investments in infrastructure with its sponsorship of local events and organizations such as the Farragut West Knox County Chamber of Commerce, live streaming online video of Farragut High School football games as well as a number of school sports and musical events, TDS has invested more than $8 million during the past year into Farragut.

That number jumps to nearly $16 million when you add up TDS’ investments over the past three years.

“We did make a hard decision to close the local TDS office, which may have been a difficult change for many to adjust to; however, it has allowed us to help specialize our employees,” Parkerson said.

“This means greater customer service since our employees are now better positioned to assist them,” he added.

As a company, TDS is changing to meet the differnt needs of its customers.

Parkerson said the changing landscape in the telecommunications industry opens the door to great opportunity.

“Our goal is to balance necessary change with outstanding customer service as we evolve from a phone company to a broadband leader in Farragut,” he added.


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