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V Exclusivo offers businesses and individuals luxurious “office space”

Steven Manolopoulos, owner, calls V Exclusivo a private dining facility, a place where you’ll never have to wait in line and your table is always waiting.

V Exclusivo, housed within Manolopoulos’s Turkey Creek restaurant Vinny & Me at 11639 Parkside Drive, is a facility designed to cater to businessmen and women who need a place to conduct private business and who expect to be catered to.

Members of Exclusivo are each issued a key to the building and have private access to the restaurant. Membership is limited to 100 members, each of whom pay a yearly fee.

Originally intended to be Earthly Grounds coffee shop, V Exclusivo was born from a need Manolopoulos saw in the community. “My guests would come to me and say, “You know Steve, we’re at the Marriot all day and we get room service and use the conference room…they say to me that there is no good place that they can do business in private,” Manolopoulos said.

“So that’s the little niche that I try to fill,” he added. “Where the food is good, and the service is good, where there’s some kind of luxury and some kind of privacy.”

V Exclusivo’s motto is “Whenever, Whatever.” The facility is designed to cater to any clients’ needs. Besides the traditional dining room and bar, Exclusivo offers a walk-in humidor and refrigerator, internet access, a boardroom, audio-video conferencing equipment and PowerPoint technology. Original oil paintings of downtown Knoxville hang on the walls, housed next to cutting-edge flat-screen televisions.

But Manolopoulos goes far beyond the normal definitions of luxury. For the clients of Exclusivo, he will visit their homes and cook dinner for special occasions such as anniversaries or parties. “We’re kind of an out-of-the-box restaurant,” Manolopoulos said.

Manolopoulos, despite never having trained as a chef, determines the menus, trains the cooks and creates the recipes at his restaurants, in addition to designing the interiors of his buildings.

“My father owned 35 restaurants throughout his career. He was not a chef either, but it runs in the blood,” Manolopoulos said.

His menu changes four times a year to coordinate with the season. In the winter, the menu features unusual game such as ostrich, bison and blue point oysters. More unusual offerings can be found on the 28-page allocated wine list. Allocated wines are rare, having been released in a limited number to each state by the wine maker.

V Exclusivo continues Manolopoulos’s already-established trend of opening distinctive restaurants. Manopoulos, who opened Vinny & Me in the Farragut area after moving to Knoxville from Montreal, believes his restaurants answer community needs.

Manolopoulos first visited Knoxville on a business trip, during which he noticed a need for an independent restaurant that offered something a little different. “So I decided to park my car, buy a house, and build a couple of restaurants, in that order,” he said.

Manolopoulos hopes to open two more restaurants in Knoxville, each of which will offer Knoxville’s hungry residents more unique choices.

For more information, call 865-675-3500.


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