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• I was shocked to read the front page story in last week’s farragutpress about the local contractor who was working on a project for a church, and who knowingly and very obviously violated our Town’s ordinances designed to protect our water supply. I can’t believe this man knew of our Town’s processes and procedures and, according to the story, admitted he ignored them and just did what he darn well pleased. I hope the Town sticks to its guns and supports the Town’s staff in making an example of this guy, as it is vitally important that everyone plays by the same rules. Once you allow contractors to pick and choose, this leads to anarchy and chaos, not to mention fines both locally and possibly from the state and federal government for violation of clean water statutes.

• I’d like to thank the presstalk for giving us this wonderful tool, the presstalk, for getting our voices heard whether no one listens to them or not — I guess that’s the real question. No wonder everything in Farragut is getting robbed. … There’s no officers here, so I think we as citizens need to take up our Constitutional right to bear arms.

• We’re very interested in seeing both the Costco and Best Buy come to town.

• I’d like to suggest that Costco would be an excellent store to have at this end of town. It’s a good quality store, and I’ve shopped their in other states and they’ve been a fine store to deal with as a customer. And their area is always neat and clean, and so I think it would be an excellent draw. I also think a store called Trader Joe’s would be excellent. They have good quality food and they have reasonable prices. And it’s a different store. It’s one that customers become extremely loyal to, and I’m sure they would draw attention to the Farragut area.

• We would like to see a Costco store in Farragut.

• Just wanted to express my wishes to have a Costco in our area, and I do definitely think this area could support that.

• We would like to see a Macy’s … Home Depot, EXPO or other type improvement store. The closest one is in Cedar Bluff, which is not very convenient. I think that would be very attractive to residents here.

• A Costco would be great, we really need one. Best Buy would be fine, but there’s one at Cedar Bluff [so] I don’t think it’s crucial. But I would love to have a J. Alexander restaurant, since we don’t have anything like that on this end of town at all. And the other thing that would be cool would be a Smith & Hawkins, which is a gardening store.

• I would very much love to see a Costco come to the area. We lived on the West Coast and had Costco and … it would really be great. None of us would be having to cross the highway and everything else.

• I would like to see a new scrapbook store. There’s currently only one in Knoxville, and there’s a huge demand for


• I would really like to see a Costco and even an [inaudible], both of these we had in Fredericksburg in Virginia, and they were hugely popular and I think they would do very well in this community.

• I think the store [that] would have a great place to patronize [is] Costco. I’ve been in their stores in North Carolina and it’s great.

• I would like to have Costco, Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s to come to the town of Farragut.

• I would like to have Costco build in the Farragut area.

• This is in answer to what retail store should come to Farragut. We’re voting for Costco.

• I would love to see some specialty shops, dress shops, jewelry shops, sort of like you see in the Bearden Hill area. Those are some of things I think are lacking in the Farragut community that would be wonderful to have. I also think some small furniture stores — the smaller type, not quite antique but a little more customized — would be a really great asset.

• We would like to see an Ace Hardware store in Farragut near the Kroger store.

Editor’s Note: There is an Ace Hardware in Dixie Lee Junction.

• I think that we should have a Macy’s — I just think that would be appreciated by a lot of the people here.

• I think that the Farragut town will benefit from having a Chuck E. Cheese establishment. There’s many kids, many young children moving to this part of town and I believe having entertainment for them … will be a benefit for the town.

• I would like to see a Costco in our town. … Costco would be a tremendous addition. Coming from another part of the country, I’ve been here about eight years, I sorely miss it. It’s a wonderful shop and would be a great addition to our town. I do hope our town seriously considers, helps and encourages them to come.

• I definitely think we need a Costco in our area and would welcome it very, very much.

• I would like to see a Costco put in Farragut. That would be great. I hope you decide to do it.

• I’d really like to see a Costco or some store like that. … there’s several others. And maybe something like an upscale Home Depot or Lowe’s.

• Costco is the most wonderful store, I can only hope it will come to Farragut. They will bring quality merchandise, excellent treatment of their employees and their customers. The same people work in a Costco year-in and year-out and get to know the customers. It’s a community service.

• I would love to see a Costco come into our area because the only store like that we have is Sam’s Club, which is pretty far for the people who are in deep Farragut. Also, I would love to see a Steve & Barry’s, which is similar as far as [being] at the low-end price point for clothing and shoes.

• For the new Kroger shopping area, I think a new Costco would be a great addition. … It would be the first one I know of in the area.

• I would love to see a Trader Joe’s in our area. I’d also support a Costco, I think they are a really good business and we’d be benefiting by having one in our area. But Trader Joe’s is also awesome.

• I think it would be wonderful if we could see some new stores that are not currently in the Knoxville area locate in Farragut. I do think the Costco possibility is a very good one and what about Crate & Barrel? That’s another one, [but] I don’t know if our demographics would draw a place like that, but it would just be wonderful. But my primary thought is it would be nice to see some newer, different stores other than the usual ones that seem to be turning up all the time.

• I think Costco would be wonderful to come to the Farragut area. My daughter has a Costco and it is a great store.

• I would like to see a Costco built in Farragut. It’s a very good store and it draws a lot of people, and it gets retail price for bulk items.

• I’d like to have a Costco into the Farragut area. … and I need it badly because I don’t want to drive to Atlanta for buying something from Costco.

• I think that we need a Costco. People are driving tremendous distances to get to the existing Costcos, so there’s no reason to believe it wouldn’t be a plus for our area.

• I would love to see a Costco come into the Farragut area. Knoxville does not have a Costco’s club. It’s similar to Sam’s [Club]. Memphis had one where I lived. It was very


• I would like to see a Costco’s, a Publix grocery store and a Tuesday’s Sweet Tomatoes restaurant, it’s a salad and soup restaurant. They have ’em in Atlanta and Florida. I’d like to see those go into the Farragut area.

• I do live in Farragut, and I would like to see a Macy’s department store come to Farragut. It would be a great asset for the community.

• I am a resident of Farragut I would like to see Costco come into to Farragut. It is a very nice store and I would patronize it.

• The Knoxville area needs a Cheesecake Factory, there’s not one anywhere near us. Farragut would be the perfect place for one. Please think about this.

• I think having an addition to Farragut, or near the Farragut area, with a Costco would be great for the area and I definitely think it would be supported.

• I’m calling to support the idea of bringing Costco to Farragut.

• I just want to answer your question about a new retail store in Farragut, and I think that a new, big fabric store would be a good thing to have since the only, closest big store is at Cedar Bluff, the JoAnn Etc. store. I’m sure a lot of women like to do sewing and would like to have a new fabric store since Hancock Fabrics closed down.

• I would like you to have a Costco in Farragut. I would be great for everybody there.

• I just wanted to give you a list of some stores that I think would be really good stores and restaurants: Trader Joe’s, Cheesecake Factory, Whole Foods, Macy’s, Papa Doe’s restaurant and In and Out Burgers.

• The question to what retail stores should come to Farragut, I was thinking a Dunkin’ Donuts would be nice ’cause they only have the one on Cedar Bluff, and that’s a little far to go get my favorite coffee.


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