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Spa to open branch at Renaissance

BellaSpazio, self-billed as Knoxville’s premier day spa, plans to open a new branch in the Renaissance/Farragut development in six to eight weeks.

The new 3,000 square foot space will offer the same salon and spa amenities as the Northshore branch, including massages, pedicures and manicures, facials and hair styling.

BellaSpazio owner Darlene Baker is excited about the move. “I really like Renaissance. I like where it’s located and the whole establishment. It’s very nice because of the brick and it’s just neat and clean,” Baker said.

The facility design that attracted Baker is the pride of Knick Myers, of Myers Bros. Holdings, developers of Renaissance. “The most prolific element of Renaissance is the style of the architecture,” said Myers. The buildings’ facades are reminiscent of traditional downtown architectural styles while also retaining a post-modern design that Myers hopes will continue to look timeless.

This modern zen-like quality convinced Baker that Renaissance was the place to open the new branch of her spa. “It was important that I find a place based on how it feels in terms of quiet and relaxation,” she said.

Despite its central location, the new premises at Renaissance are calming and relaxing, said Baker. The Northshore location boasts the same feat: a back wall protects the building, giving a feeling of privacy and solitude despite its position in a busy shopping center.

To prove the new site’s relaxation potential, Baker visited Renaissance on a Sunday afternoon. While she sat in a parking space, Baker realized the serenity of the development. The calming element of Renaissance is not an accident; the Myers brothers designed it that way. “The land planning of the 30 acres that encompass the property was carefully thought out to maximize the intrinsic features of the property, most importantly, the beautiful stream that flows from the far west end of the campus all the way to the east end of the property,” Myers said.

“The landscaping and elevation of the current and future buildings are all designed to blend into the site,” Myers added.

Myers is as pleased as Baker with BellaSpazio’s upcoming opening. “The Renaissance/ Farragut development is eclectic and dynamic by design,” he said.

“The current mix of business uses is exactly what Noah and I envision for Renaissance . . . the concept of having a mix of retail, service providers, financial businesses, restaurants, banks, and medical providers in a campus style setting is not a new concept; most downtowns of years gone by hosted a similar mix. Renaissance is a “new” downtown,” Myers added.

For more information, call 865-670-0998.


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