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Best Buy presents plan at FMPC
Tuffy auto service to replace vacant Texaco

A retail giant will locate within the town limits of Farragut in a new shopping center that Mayor W. Edward “Eddy” Ford III calls “one of the most exciting developments taking place in the town of Farragut.”

Meanwhile, two other businesses have agreed to locate within Farragut — one whose location promises to remove a long-standing eyesore while pleasing adjacent residents with hopes of improved traffic flow.

Best Buy has agreed to anchor the western corner of Colonial Phase III shopping center, an approximately 173,000 square feet complex to be located between Gander Mountain and Belk on the north side of Parkside Drive. This was announced at the Thursday, Jan. 17 Farragut Municipal Planning Commission meeting in Town Hall.

Commission voted unanimously to grant permission for Colonial’s site plan subject to complying with 11 staff recommended items (7-0 vote, with Aldermen Connie Rutenber and Edward G. St. Clair absent).

Jim Nixon, Farragut Land Partners, said the center would house “three or four junior anchors, Best Buy is one of those.

“There will be a lot of sales taxes generated there for the town’s portion of that,” Nixon added. “And I think these tenants will be tenants a lot of people in Farragut will want to shop at.”

No other tenants were announced, though Nixon said “letters of intent [are] signed with two others. There are a number of smaller tenants going in the smaller buildings in-between.

“We’ve got two out-lots … they’ll probably be restaurants,” he added. “We don’t have those leased yet, but we have a lot of interest in those at this time.”

As for a timetable for completion, Nixon said, “This center is going to take approximately one year to build. We hope to start here in the next few weeks, couple of months, and open early spring next year.”

Ruth Hawk, town of Farragut Community Development director, said the shopping center’s drive entrances-exits would connect with Gander Mountain and Belk to help alleviate Parkside Drive traffic.

The center is a “joint venture” of Farragut Land Partners and Colonial Properties, Birming-ham, Ala., Nixon said, adding the new center “will connect” with the existing Pinnacle property to the east and “will be an extension” of Pinnacle.

Nixon said a walking trail section behind the proposed shopping center would have to be temporarily closed early in the construction process, as it falls within the construction site. No detour of the trail will be connected, he added.

The sidewalk fronting the site “would have to be relocated … for a few months,” Nixon said.

Tuffy’s Auto Service Center received unanimous approval of its site plan to locate at the corner of Kingston Pike and Newport Road — site of the long-since abandoned Texaco gas station generally considered a Town eyesore.

Hawk said because the sight has been “the source of many complaints, we’re very pleased with the proceedings.”

Both the overall site plan and variances requests were passed unanimously subject to 18 staff recommended items being


Four variances were granted in connection with the new business: 260-foot for a right-turn/right out lane westbound on Kingston Pike onto Newport Road; 300-foot for a right-in turn into the business; 36-foot for a right-in turn into the business off Newport, and a 100-foot for a right-out turn from the business onto Newport.

Tom Rosseel, Farragut Alderman who said he was speaking “on behalf of the residents of Stonecrest” subdivision adjacent to the site, added, “They are extremely pleased with this. This is exactly what we were looking for when you discussed it back in October.

“We think that the right-in only, the [deceleration] lane and the fact that Newport now will have a right-turn-lane on it … all will improve the intersection.”

Praising FMPC on behalf of the residents for “holding firm” on turn-lane demands with Tuffy’s, Rosseel added, “We’re looking forward to having Tuffy’s move in and tearing down that old gas station.”

Given that “soil has been contaminated” from leeching gas tanks left behind by the former gas station tenant, “it’s best not to disturb that … this is close to a creek,” Hawk said.

It was announced Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen would hear cost-sharing issues from the town and developer concerning turn lane construction.

Hawk announced Tuffy’s building would be a “dark brown brick with yellow accents and light brown accents. …”

Parkside AT&T Cellular Service, seeking to locate on the northwest corner of Parkside Drive and Lakesedge Drive next to Gridiron Burgers, received unanimous FMPC approval of its site plan.

Approval is subject to compliance with six staff recommended items.


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