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• I wanted to write and say that I am so glad to hear that the Sugarwood Homeowners Assoc-iation has said no way to YMCA’s idea of putting its facility in that neighborhood, and not to mention that the SHA has banned its board members from discussing the issue any further with YMCA. Since Sugarwood residents have vetoed the idea of the Y on its property, I do have a great idea of where the YMCA can place its facility where it is more accessible; ... a portion of [the open] land alongside Kohl’s and let the YMCA build its facility there? I would support the idea of having the [land] donate[d] for the YMCA to use so the Farragut residents and public can have a place to go to. I have gotten many positive responses to that idea.

• We’re hoping Farragut’s amateur historians read presstalk. Can anyone tell us the history of the two vehicle garage that sits at the back of the Ingles Shopping Center? My 6-year-old son and I are curious.

• I just wanted to respond to all of the people who are excited about Costco and Best Buy coming to Farragut. I think it’s terrible … I think Farragut needs to embrace locally owned businesses and entrepreneurs who want to start their own businesses rather than national chains. All we have to do is drive to Cedar Bluff to go to many of these stores.

• This a reminder for all of you who travel on Grigsby Chapel Road, especially in the morning and in the afternoon when school kids are around. There is a pedestrian crossing that connects the walking trails between the shopping center with Walgreen’s and the St. Mary’s West facilities. A young boy was riding his bike to school [recently], and while trying to use the pedestrian crossing to get to the other side, was hit by a car. He appeared to be OK, but please, people, pay attention and give the right-of-ways to walkers, runners and cyclists.

• This is concerning the crosswalk on Grigsby Chapel. My daughter’s friend was hit on his bicycle [a recent morning]. I think people need to really consider that of the mornings there’s a school crossing and there’s a lot of children that go to school. They go way too fast through there. People need to be reminded that school is open at certain hours, and closed, and to use caution because it is the right of the driver to stop and let people cross. What if this child had been killed? My daughter’s all upset because it was her friend. She’s upset at school, all the kids are all upset. People need to slow down, especially people in our neighborhood. They go fast. … Fortunately, he didn’t have serious injury. But this needs to be investigated a little bit because the boy was talked to very, very badly by the officer. And the man that hit the kid on the bicycle was concerned about his car being damaged. The child was terribly upset, as you can imagine. But the speed limit over there — something has to be done coming on to Grigsby Chapel off of Campbell Station Road. The child was in the crosswalk and the man hit him while he was in the crosswalk on his way to school. Something really needs to slow the traffic down coming around to Smith Road, that way. A speed break or something.

• On the subject of bringing stores to the Farragut area, I’d like to second the notion that someone had recently about Trader Joe’s. That would really be a plus to the Farragut area and West Knox. Also, since Hancock’s [Fabrics] is closed in Seven Oaks, I wish you would pursue trying to get them or another fabrics store because there’s nothing of that nature out in Farragut. Something like a fabric store or yarn shop, something of that nature, with crafts.

• Part one, let’s look at the red-light cameras Farragut is having installed to fee-grab. We noticed in the same paper where cameras were being installed and asking people to “Shop Farragut.” Do they think people want to shop Farragut? Many, many older people are excellent drivers and terrified by these lights. Some have been driving years without an accident. [Farragut town government] is having them installed. [A recent issue of a Knoxville publication] had an article where [a resident] was ticketed on Oct. 18. He remitted on Nov. 19. He remitted early and the check cleared the bank on Nov. 14. On Dec. 28 he had received a notice informing him a failure to pay resulting in a $68 late fee, and now showing he owed $118 creating civil proceedings against [the resident]. The default notice had a toll-free number and he called. The nice lady informed him he had not paid. The payment center was in Cleveland, Ohio, and she was just a call center in Arizona. Who is going to pay [the resident] for all the wasted time he spent trying to correct their mistakes? This happened in Knoxville, and we wonder what will happen in Farragut? This shows where all the money is going. The way to rid Farragut of these lights is to vote [Farragut town officials] out of office.

• I read your thing in the farragutpress, what retail stores should come to Farragut [through the lens Jan. 10 issue]? Costco, Costco, Costco. … Costco would be a marvelous addition to West Knoxville and the Turkey Creek area.

• My child just started kindergarten this last August, and 7:45 a.m. is just too early. She used to love going to school, but now she’s not motivated at all because she has to get up so early. She used to be full of energy, and now she is always tired and more fussy than usual. Other schools don’t start ’till 8:30 or 8:50, and this is going to continue until the sixth grade? I think our kids would be more motivated and do better in school if they had the proper rest. They would feel better mentally, physically and emotionally. Are there any other concerned parents out there?

• I would love to see a Publix come to Farragut. …

• I just wanted to commend and congratulate the Farragut High School Swim team, they’ve had a great season. They’ve won all meets except for one, and that was Science Hill. Every other meet they’ve won, and they beat Bearden for the first time in several years. So way to go Admirals. Congratulations.

• I’d like to see a Costco and a Publix come into Farragut. I’d also like to see a Trader Joe’s. Trader Joe’s is a great store and has a lot of unique things in it, and every time I go to Atlanta I shop there so I can bring things back home. So I’d really love to see that store here.

• I would just like to comment that I think a Costco would be great to have in the Farragut area. ...

• I agree that a Costco would be good for the Farragut area. And I would also like to comment that for the people that are requesting stores such as Home Depot or other stores in the Cedar Bluff area, I come from another county about 40 miles west of here and I feel very fortunate to be as close as the Home Depot that we have. So I feel like they’re a little spoiled; and requesting stores as close as that to come to Farragut, also. I think we need to be thankful and feel fortunate for what we have in this area and to be as close as we are. And I don’t feel like 10 minutes is too far to drive.


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