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police reports:

• Oct. 19: A Stone Vista Lane man advised police that an unknown suspect stole a pumpkin that was on complainant’s property and smashed the pumpkin into a light fixture, causing extreme damage to the fixture. Complainant stated the fixture was attached to a stone column and will probably require an electrician to repair. Complainant stated he has no suspects at this time.

• Oct. 20: Officers responded to an accident call off Watt Road. The complainant told officers that his trailer was hit by another trailer. There were no tractors involved. The complainant showed officers the damage on his trailer. The damage was on the right front corner. The complainant showed officers the trailer he said hit him. The damage on the other trailer was on the right rear side. The witness told officers that he did not hit the trailer. Due to the way the damages on both trailers were, it looked like they could not have caused each other’s damage. Officers could not determine if the trailers did hit.

• Oct. 20: Officers responded to Blue Ridge Mountain Sports off Kingston Pike. The complainant stated that four suspects came in and out of the store a couple of times and saw that one of the suspects had a fleece jacket in his shirt and was walking out to his car. Complainant stated that he went out to the car and got three jackets back from the suspects and two of the suspects’ names, but the suspects left before he could talk to all of them.

• Oct. 20: Officers were dispatched to the Chick Fil-A Restaurant off Parkside Drive to meet the complainant in reference to some letters that she had received. The letters stated that the complainant knew the suspect, but he did not know how to approach her. The suspect told the complainant to meet him in the laundry room on a specific date and time to find out who he was. The complainant stated that she did not go to the laundry room, but she had a male friend who went into the laundry room but there was nobody inside. The suspect wrote a letter the next day that said that he guessed she had a man friend, implying that he was watching for her. The complainant stated that she thinks the suspect lives in an apartment possibly with a female who drives a silver car with chrome wheels. The complainant stated that she did not know much about the suspect, and she was afraid to get too close to him.

• Oct. 20: A Pony Express Drive man advised police that an unknown suspect damaged three pumpkins outside his home.

• Oct. 20: An Old Tavern Circle woman advised police that three unknown males damaged her mailbox. The complainant stated her husband heard a loud noise and thought that a vehicle had backfired. Complainant’s husband stated to her that when he heard the noise, he looked to find two teenage males hanging from the windows of the vehicle. He thought nothing of it; however, this morning they noticed that the mailbox had been damaged. The vehicle was a silver car with a square rear, possibly a Volvo (unknown year and model).

• Oct. 20: A Triple Crow Boulevard woman advised police that an unknown suspect damaged her mailbox by knocking it off its post. Complainant stated it looks as if the damage was done by smashing a pumpkin on the mailbox.

• Oct. 20: A Stone Vista Lane man advised police that an unknown suspect threw a pumpkin at his mailbox, damaging the light on top of it.

• Oct. 21: Officers responded to a domestic matter on Old Tavern Circle. Upon arrival, the officer came into contact with the suspect, who was sitting in her vehicle in front of the residence. The suspect told officers that she came to the residence to talk to her ex-husband about their kids. The suspect stated that after the victim dropped off the kids, she noticed a behavior change in the kids. After speaking with the oldest daughter, the daughter stated that the father held a knife to her. This officer went to speak with the victim who was in his residence. The victim stated that the suspect came to the house after calling and would not leave the residence. The victim stated the suspect called his cell phone 14 times within an hour and would not stop calling until officers were on scene. The victim stated that he did not threaten his daughter with a knife. He only told his daughter that lying was like putting a knife in his back. The victim stated that there was never a knife involved in the discussion with his daughter, and the daughter admitted to lying. The suspect was asked to leave and not return to the address.


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