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Town’s Parks and Leisure Services: A Road Map

As a vibrant and rapidly growing community, one of the most important challenges the Town of Farragut faces is how to improve and enhance the quality of life and health of its citizens.

Although Farragut residents are fortunate to live in close proximity to many recreational venues, including the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, an essential part of what makes Farragut special are the day-to-day opportunities to participate in a wide variety of leisure activities. Outdoor options include walking along the Town’s many greenways, participating in recreational activities and picnics at our Town parks, and utilizing the numerous athletic fields present in Farragut. Cultural offerings include pursuing the programs of the Farragut Folk Life Museum that are focused on preserving the heritage of the region. More varied options include Town-sponsored programs promoting personal development and acquisition of new creative or artistic skills.

The Leisure Services Master Plan Advisory Committee, in cooperation with the Town’s Parks and Leisure Services Department professional staff, has developed a Master Plan to serve as a 10-year road map to guide the Board of Mayor and Aldermen, volunteers and staff as they make decisions about capital improvements, facility maintenance, staffing and programming. Using extensive citizens’ input, including a Town-wide survey, public hearings and interviews with the current Leisure Services Committees, the Advisory Committee conducted a systematic review of existing facilities, programs, leisure activity trends and growth patterns to project overall community needs. The resulting Master Plan enumerates near-term, mid-term, and long-term goals and actions that the Committee believes will provide the best path toward meeting the leisure and recreational needs of Farragut residents through improved community facilities, expanded parks and greenways, and more diverse cultural programs.

The Parks and Leisure Services Master Plan sets forth that the town of Farragut should:

• Aggressively develop new facilities, including a community center and programs that promote physical and mental activities to counter the trend towards sedentary lifestyles.

• Acquire more land in order to expand parks and athletic fields to continue to provide for the recreational activities of a growing population.

• Continue to construct greenway links to promote connectivity, pedestrian activity and alternative transportation options.

• Preserve and protect available wetlands for educational and ecological activities in the community.

• Provide necessary facilities and programs to expand and promote a unique cultural identity in an educated, arts-oriented


• Provide indoor facilities for athletics, sports and fitness, special events and other programs.

• Evaluate and develop a plan to expand the beautification of the town of Farragut

• Establish public-private partnerships to strengthen recreational and cultural activities in the Town

• Conduct a critical review of the Parks and Leisure Services Department to update organizational structure and staffing requirements for a growing, evolving community.

It is the hope of the Leisure Services Master Plan Advisory Committee that this Plan will be read by the citizens of the Town of Farragut and that they will work with their elected officials, community volunteers and professional staff to ensure that these goals are met and that the Plan is reviewed and updated on a regular basis. A copy of the plan is now available on the Town’s Web page:

For the Leisure Services Master Plan Advisory Committee:

Mike Karntiz, Chairman

Tom Rosseel

Pat Sloan


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