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• For the caller who wanted to know about the garage behind Ingles, the building was owned by Horne Properties, Inc., the owner of Farragut Towne Center, until Ingles bought the property last year to build its new superstore.

• About retail stores coming to Farragut, I’d like to suggest a retail chain called Fry’s. Since CompUSA has gone out of business in Knoxville, it would be nice to see another computer store coming into Knoxville. Fry’s is a really good one. Also, dream on, but I’d love to see IKEA, and also another comment about Crate & Barrel and how lovely it would be to have them in Knoxville.

• Thank you for the recent story highlighting the illegal left turns on Kingston Pike into the convenience store on the corner of Kingston Pike and Smith Road. This is a problem that can easily be rectified if people would just simply turn left onto Smith Road and turn left into the convenience store. It’s not that big of a deal, it’ll only take you an extra 30 seconds to make these two left turns. I applaud Capt. Ben Harkins and Sheriff’s Office for cracking down on this illegal behavior. I myself witnessed a very close call as someone turned illegally into this convenience store the other day and almost ran head-on into someone who was exiting.

• I read the article in the farragutpress on Jan. 24 about people making illegal turns in and out of the new Weigel’s store at Smith Road. And I noticed that one of the Sheriff’s Office captains is talking about it, then asked about it and all that. At the same time, there’s been a “no left turn” sign in front of the Firestone store that’s sitting between Taco Bell and McDonald’s in Farragut for years — I can’t even remember how long. And people still turn left at that sign, with the sign there, blocking people behind them causing traffic jams. Probably there’s been wrecks there. If motorists are going to be ignorant, they’re just going to be ignorant. If they refuse to read the signs, or obey the signs, then I’m not sure how you can stop them. But the Smith Road property at Weigel’s is no worse off than that one up there at the Firestone store. Illegal left turns are just illegal left turns, no matter where they are.

• All the stores [mentioned] in the farragutpress [in a recent issue] is wanted by everyone. Farragut has empty buildings everywhere. I was just wonder why they’re empty in the majority of the cases? [Farragut town government] is the cause they are empty. They run the stores off. … The way to get these stores here is to vote these people out of office. … [Businesses] will have to pay a fee to get here.

• I’m calling to pick a store that would benefit the Farragut area. I would really like to see Crate & Barrel, and I think they would really benefit here, too.

• I have two or three comments. The first one is if people are worried about red-light cameras, they shouldn’t run the red lights. If people are worried about high gas prices, they shouldn’t race to stop signs and break the speed limit. And the third comment is regarding businesses for Turkey Creek. I would like to see a good cafeteria like Luby’s.

• The residents of Sugarwood … should consider themselves very grateful and very lucky that they actually are able to have a voice as to what does and does not happen in their subdivision. As to what does or does not get built, and torn down, in their subdivision. They recently voted on whether on not they wanted the YMCA to be built there; the residents of that subdivision voted “no.” They get to keep the integrity of their subdivision. The safety, security and the beauty of it. The town of Farragut, one of the main reasons it was incorporated, was to preserve and protect families and residential neighborhoods. Our town [government] needs to remember that. They need to remember that families are voters. And they need to remember that whenever anything comes up that might destroy a neighborhood and put any kind of pressure or negative impact on the families of any neighborhood.

• After reading your presstalk … after reading your statutes of comments and concerns, I thought names and little businesses weren’t supposed to be mentioned? … Let’s not mention names or certain people. This should be dealt with. … I was just wondering when Farragut would fill up its empty retail space with businesses before they build new spaces? … How about filling in the places we already have before we destroy our so-called greenways and conservation places before building new places? … I was just wondering how long all the businesses that participated in the “Buy in Farragut” promotion will remain in business or stay in Farragut?


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