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police reports

• Oct. 20: A Stone Vista Lane man advised police that an unknown suspect threw a pumpkin at his mailbox, damaging the light on top of it.

• Oct. 21: Officers responded to a domestic matter off Old Tavern Circle. Upon arrival, the officer came into contact with the suspect, who was sitting in her vehicle in front of the residence. The suspect told officers that she came to the residence to talk to her ex-husband about their kids. the suspect stated that after the victim dropped off the kids. She noticed a behavior change in the kids. After speaking with the oldest daughter, the daughter stated that the father held a knife to her. This officer went to speak with the victim who was in his residence. The victim stated that the suspect came to the house after calling and would not leave the residence. The victim stated the suspect called his cell phone 14 times within an hour and would not stop calling until officers were on scene. The victim stated that he did not threaten his daughter with a knife. He only told his daughter that lying was like putting a knife in his back. The victim stated that there was never a knife involved in the discussion with his daughter, and the daughter admitted to lying. Both parties received blue domestic violence cards and advised of their rights concerning domestic matters. The suspect was asked to leave and not return to the address.

• Oct. 21: A Pony Express Drive man advised police that an unknown person took items from his vehicle. He stated the doors were unlocked.

• Oct. 21: A Wexton Lane woman advised police an unknown suspect gained entry to her vehicle through unlocked doors and stole her wallet and other property.

• Oct. 22: Officers were conducting a business check at the Exxon off Kingston Pike. The back door was found open. Officers checked the building and everything appeared secured. Officer resecured the door.

• Oct. 22: Officers responded to a call at the Rush Fitness Center. Complainant advised police his truck was broken into. Unknown suspect(s) busted out the window to gain entry.

• Oct. 22: A Broadwood Drive woman advised police she noticed her license plate missing from her vehicle.

• Oct. 22: Officer was monitoring traffic on Kingston Pike. An unidentified woman driving a blue Ford Explorer pulled up next to the officer’s cruiser. The woman stated that she was being followed by the defendant, who at the time was following her and trying to run her off the road. The defendant pulled in behind her. The officer ordered the defendant out of the vehicle. The defendant used his vehicle to stabilize his balance. An open container of beer could be seen on the center console of the vehicle, in plain view. The defendant had slurred speech, bloodshot eyes and a strong odor of alcohol about his person and breath. The officer questioned the defendant as to why he was following the unidentified woman. The defendant stated she failed to use her directional. The defendant admitted consuming approximately seven beers at a friend’s house. The defendant agreed to a field sobriety test and performed with poor results. The defendant also agreed to a block draw and was transported to UT Hospital. A record’s check revealed that the defendant’s license was revoked for DUI (1st offense) in November 2006. A record’s check also revealed that the defendant had an outstanding FTA warrant in Loudon County for contributing to a minor-zero bond. Records also advised that the defendant may have an unverified warrant in McMinn County.

• Oct. 22: Officers received an alarm call at the Gondolier Restaurant off West End Avenue. Upon arrival, it was discovered that the back door had been pried open and the inside office door had been smashed open and the safe had been taken. The restaurant owner stated it did not appear any other items were missing. The crime scene was processed.

• Oct. 23: Officers responded to a call off Belle Grove Road for a domestic matter. The victim stated that she and the suspect were in an argument over the victim’s child. The victim stated that the suspect is verbally abusive toward her and her daughter. The suspect was gone upon officers’ arrival. The victim was advised of her domestic rights and given a family crisis card.

• Oct. 23: Officers responded to a call from a woman who stated she was driving on Peterson Road when her vehicle struck a low hanging telephone cable, causing damage to her vehicle’s TV antennae. The phone cable is owned by TDS Telecom.

• Oct. 23: A Spinnaker Road man advised police that his license plate had been stolen off of his vehicle. It is not known for sure where the vehicle was when the plate was stolen.

• Oct. 23: Officers responded to the Pilot station off North Campbell Station Road where complainant advised an unknown subject in a red Honda drove off without paying for gas.

• Oct. 24: A Peterson Road woman advised police that someone got into their vehicle and stole various items. The vehicle was not locked. No suspects.

• Oct. 25: Officers responded to a call from Total Property Management off West Highway 33E. Complainant advised someone had stolen two backpack leaf blowers out of their utility trailer while they were out to lunch. No suspects.

• Oct. 25: A Peterson Road woman advised police that her husband was awakened at about 2:30 a.m. He went to check about the noise and discovered a male figure trying to break into their vehicles. The husband knocked on the window of the house and scared the person away. No actual entry was made into either vehicle. No other suspect information.

• Oct. 25: A Brochardt Boulevard man advised police that someone had stolen several blank checks from his checkbook. Victim is not sure exactly where it may have occurred, but feels that someone has been writing checks from his account.

• Oct. 25: A Peterson Road woman advised police that her neighbor saw a male suspect in complainant’s car stealing items. He then took off running on foot.

• Oct. 26: A Banbury Road woman advised police that the suspect came to her residence and asked her to babysit for her and when the victim refused, the suspect got upset. The victim stated the suspect was screaming and yelling at her. That is when the victim’s husband told the suspect to leave, but the suspect refused. The victim stated the suspect continued to scream at both her and her husband, then went outside to leave and kicked a vehicle parked in the driveway. The victim stated the suspect kicked the vehicle twice, denting the right rear fender.

• Oct. 26: Officers responded to a call from Interstate Connections off North Watt Road. Complainant advised the suspect was a manager for Interstate Connections. Over time, $4,500 has become missing from the deposits. Complainant believes suspect took money. Complainant advised the suspect was terminated last week.

• Oct. 27: Officers were dispatched to Farragut Pool and Spa off Kingston Pike for a theft. Complainant reported that the fenced-in area behind the business was secured with everything intact and accounted for. Later complainant discovered that the chain on the gate had been cut. An air compressor and a concrete pump had been taken from the fenced in area. Complainant does not suspect anyone at this time.

• Oct. 27: Officers responded to a call at Ingles supermarket on Kingston Pike. Complainant stated three unknown males and a female ran into the the business and stole two cases of Corona beer. Complainant stated all four suspects ran to an older model green 4-door vehicle that displayed Tennessee license tags. Complainant stated he was unsure of the make or model of the vehicle, but thought it might be a Plymouth. Complainant stated the suspects attempted to steal a third case of beer, but dropped it on the way out the door and did not stop to pick it back up.

• Oct. 27: Officers were dispatched to Parkside Drive concerning burglary to a vehicle. The victim stated he went to his vehicle and noticed that the passenger side window was broken. The victim stated he looked into his vehicle and notice that the purse that was in the front passenger seat was missing.

• Oct. 27: Officers were dispatched to a residence off Brochardt Boulevard concerning damage to a sprinkler system. The victim stated he and his family had been at the residence all day. The victim stated when he went to the mailbox, noticed a phone book had been delivered and that someone had run over a sprinkler head pushing it into the ground. The victim stated that it appeared whoever damaged it attempted to pull it back out of the ground to make it appear it was not damaged.

• Oct. 29: Officers responded to Wardley Road for a possible suicide. When officers arrived, there was no answer at the door. Upon checking the house, a door was open. Officers did go in and check the residence. The homeowner did come home after officers were finished with the search. Officers walked through with the homeowner to make sure everything was secure. The homeowner advised officers that the suspect was her mother, but she did not live at this address. She lived in West View Towers. Officers with the Knoxville Police Department were then sent to the residence to check on her. The homeowner also stated that she was enroute to check on her.

• Oct. 29: Officers responded to a call from TRB Construction off Frontier Road. Complainant advised person(s) unknown stole property from an open construction site.

• Oct. 31: A Midhurst Drive man advised police that while he was out of town, an unknown suspect pulled his vehicle from his driveway. The complainant found this information from his neighbor, a 14-year-old male. The complainant stated the witness talked to the suspect and the suspect told him it was OK to take the vehicle.

• Oct. 31: Officers responded to a vandalism call off North Watt Road. The complainant advised police while parked at Travel of America, person(s) unknown poured sugar into the gas tank of his company truck.

• Oct. 31: An O’Connell Drive man advised police that person(s) unknown gained entry into his unlocked vehicle and stole his cell phone.

• Nov. 1: A North Hughlan Drive woman advised police that she and the suspect returned from a restaurant to their residence. She said they and another male acquaintance were at the residence and the suspect became jealous of the other male and began yelling at the victim. The victim said she took her dog outside and the suspect followed them out. She said the argument continued outside and the suspect shoved her. The victim said she shoved the suspect in return. She said the suspect and the other male had left the premises afterward. The victim declined transport from the residence.

• Nov. 1: Complainant advised police that the suspect came into her store and was talking to one of the employees about some jewelry and had her take a couple of things out of the case. Complainant advised that the suspect then took the item and placed it in his pocket and walked out. Complainant stated that the suspect had gone to a few other stores in the area and had done the same thing.

• Nov. 1: A man advised police that while he was at the Rush Fitness Center, person(s) unknown broke out the front driver’s side window of his vehicle. The suspect(s) stole his cell phone and wallet. The victim found his wallet in a dumpster at the Kenjo Market off Kingston Pike. Everything was in the wallet except his Visa/Debit card and and bank Visa card.

• Nov. 2: Farragut High School staff discovered a drink vending machine in the commons area of the school had been damaged. The plastic front of the machine was broken and split and there were shoe prints in the damaged area. While viewing footage of the video cameras placed in the commons in the area, a male student can be seen kicking the front of the machine after reaching inside the vending chute to obtain a drink. Several other youths were present and around the area when the damage occurred and witnessed the vandalism. The identities of the suspect and the other students around the area at the time of the incident are being determined from the videotape. Investigation is ongoing at this time.

• Nov. 2: A Whispering Hills Lane man advised police that medications were stolen from the residence. The victim advised the only other people who had been in the residence was their maid service. He said the maid service had been there twice since Sept. 21. The victim stated he had already spoken with the owner of the cleaning company and he agreed to cooperate with any investigation.

• Nov. 2: Officer responded to a call off Crisp Road. Complainant advised police that she was at this address and the suspect came up to her vehicle and started going through her tool box. Complainant advised that she ran towards the suspect and the suspect took off running towards the suspect’s car.

• Nov. 3: Officers responded to a report of a burglary off South Fox Den Drive. Upon officers’ arrival, the victim informed officers that someone kicked his side door in and gained entry. During the burglary, several rooms were ransacked. At the time of the report, the victim was unsure of what was taken during the burglary and was advised to make a list to report later when it was complete.

• Nov. 3: Police responded to Parkside Drive where Victim No. 1 advised his stepson, Victim No. 2, was driving his vehicle to the emergency room at Baptist Medical Center with his friend, the suspect. While Victim No. 2 was in the emergency room, the suspect took the keys from his pocket. At this point, the complainant stated Victim No. 2 could not defend himself. She then took the vehicle to a trailer park in Anderson County. Complainant called in while report was being made and advised vehicle was found by Clinton Police Department and is in owner’s possession.

• Nov. 3: Officers responded to a call at Pilot store off Campbell Station. Complainant advised an unknown suspect pulled up and pumped gas into a Chrysler Town & Country and drove off without paying for the gas.

• Nov. 3: A Chapman Highway woman advised police that while she was at work, unknown suspect(s) broke into her vehicle by smashing out the front passenger side window and took items inside the vehicle. Complainant stated she has no suspects at this time.


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