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• I was very sad to see that the Sugarwood residents didn’t understand what a great asset it would be to have a YMCA within walking distance of their homes. I think that a place off of Northshore would be a horrible idea. I never go down into that area, as many of my friends never go into that area of town, it’s not even in Farragut. All the Farragut schools are up here by Kingston Pike and Parkside [Drive]. We worship, we do our banking, we vote, we go to school, we volunteer at schools, we go to the doctor’s office, we go to the dentist, we shop, we have coffee, we have lunch, we have dinner, we fill our prescriptions, we go to the library — we do so many things in the heart of Farragut. And to put something like the YMCA all the way down at Northshore I think would do a real, real disservice to our community. I think we need to find a spot that is close enough to Kingston Pike, the highway or Parkside [Drive] so that people only have to drive a few miles, one or two miles, in order to get to the YMCA between the other activities that they have going on on a daily basis.

• I just have to stop laughing for a minute to respond to the kindergarten mom who thinks school starts too early for her child. Maybe she’s just naďve and doesn’t understand the bus system, that the buses service the elementary, middle schools and high schools. Maybe the upper grades should start earlier so that her child can start later — that is until she reaches middle school; in that case we’ll have to switch the schedule back again. She could home-school. … Another idea would be to put her child to bed sooner so she can get the rest that she needs. My final advise is to put on your big girl pants and set boundaries for your children.

• I would like to say that having a Publix coming in here would be great. People keep saying that we’re a little spoiled because we want stores that are in the Cedar Bluff area. Those people, I’m sure they are retired and they have time to go in traffic when there’s no traffic at all. And people that work like us need to go at a time when it’s very busy. So I think stores that are close to our area is a good asset for the whole Farragut community.

• About stores I would like to see in Farragut, I would like to see the store that is called The Container Store. I’ve seen it in Atlanta, and it’s a great store. It would be a great addition to the Farragut area.

• I was reading in the farragutpress about the shops that are coming to the Turkey Creek area, and I’d like to add one. It would be nice to have a Macy’s.

• I have several comments, the first is [concerning] somebody complaining about 7:45 being too early. Just send them to bed earlier. My second is, I’d love to see a IKEA. We’re right here at the [1]-40/75 split. And the third one is people talking about the traffic on Grigsby Chapel. They do need to slow down. Remember, you want that small town feel so be respectful of this smaller road. We don’t want to have four-lane roads passing through every little neighborhood. So let’s keep it small town by being attentive to the speed signs.

• If you want your child to be happy and all that, and she’s not getting enough sleep, put her to bed earlier. For goodness sakes, that’s easy.

• The other day one of our local kids in the neighborhood came up to sell cookie dough. During the week we had already purchased cookies and coupons, and we had already purchased cookie dough from somebody else. We told her we weren’t able to purchase her cookie dough at that particular time. The next thing she said really disturbed me. She was told by her teacher in school that if she didn’t sell five tubs of cookie dough one of her grades on her report card would be affected and she wouldn’t get a good grade in social skills. That might not seem like much to somebody reading this article, but just think when you were 9 or 10 years old how important your grades and your report card were. How dare a teacher use that kind of coercion to blackmail to force a child to go out and sell products for the school. Are we that desperate for money to support our schools?

• I would have to agree with the person whose child started kindergarten this year. My son also started kindergarten this past August, and he too has been very irritable and cranky. Seems like they could start school a little later. I would like to see something else done about them having to sit on the cold concrete when we have cold weather like we’ve been having. Seems like my son has been more sick just in the last two months since we’ve had this colder weather. But yes, he’s very irritable and cranky because of having to be there at 7:45. He has to get up at 5:45 to catch the bus at 6:45. So I’d like to see something done about that.

• I’d like to make a comment concerning the article that was in the paper about the illegal turns into the Weigel’s store at Smith Road and Kingston Pike, which is a problem. But I’d also like to mention as to why nothing is being said as to the illegal turn out of the McDonald’s and Firestone parking lots onto Kingston Pike when there is a no-left turn coming out and people make a left-turn onto Kingston Pike? There is a sign that says “no left turns,” but people make left turns constantly. I’ve been almost hit two or three times. There is a left turn into the Firestone and McDonald’s off of Kingston Pike. A right turn off of Kingston Pike into [those businesses]. But no left turn coming out onto Kingston Pike. There needs to be some explanation to why Farragut is not doing anything about that; but so much emphasis is being put on the illegal left turns into Weigel’s.

• Regarding the young man who was hit on the bicycle on Grigsby Chapel, I too travel Grigsby Chapel and go very slow when I travel in the mornings. One morning he was dressed in all black and crossing that crosswalk on his bicycle. I expressed concern then and I express concern now that all walkers and bicyclists who are out early in the morning wear bright or reflective clothing so that they can be easily seen. I’m very sorry the young man on the bicycle was hit, but it has been my personal experience early in the morning that several people in the Farragut area walk without the proper reflective clothing or bright clothing.

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