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police reports:

• Nov. 4: Officers responded to a disturbance off Amberset Drive between neighbors over a dog barking. Upon arrival, the complainant stated there is an ongoing problem with his next door neighbor and his dog barking. The complainant stated that the neighbor constantly calls him and comes onto his property complaining about his dog barking too early in the morning while his family is trying to sleep. The complainant stated he purchased a bark collar to control the barking at night time, but feels that his dog should not have to wear this collar during the daylight hours. The victim stated that she went to the end of her driveway to get the morning paper and the suspect began to yell at her telling her to get her husband outside so that they could discuss the dog again. The victim then stated that the suspect came to her front door with his wife and two kids wanting to discuss the ongoing problem. The complainant stated that he told the suspect not to come onto his property anymore. Upon arrival, the complainant’s dog was in the yard but did not bark while officers were present.

• Nov. 5: A Brochardt Road woman advised officers that she had been assaulted by her husband. Victim stated that she and the suspect got into a verbal argument over an ongoing divorce and during the argument, suspect grabbed her by the throat and pushed her to the floor. Victim did have red marks on her neck but refused medical treatment. When officers arrived, the suspect had left the scene. Victim was advised the process to obtain an order of protection and/or warrant.

• Nov. 5: An Admiral Drive woman advised police that the suspect, victim’s daughter-in-law, started a verbal argument with her over her not taking care of her children. Victim stated that the suspect lives in her residence and will not clean up after herself or children. Suspect left for the night without further incident.

• Nov. 5: A South Hobbs Road man advised police that an unknown suspect damaged his mailbox. Complainant stated it looked as if the mailbox was struck with a bat.

• Nov. 5: Officers responded to a call at the Kenjo Market off North Campbell Station Road on a report of an active domestic disturbance. Upon arrival, the victim stated that her husband/suspect came to her place of employment and began yelling at her in front of customers stating that he wanted his little girl back home along with his wife. The victim then stated that she recently left the suspect because of his treatment of her and his unwillingness to find employment. The victim then stated the suspect left the store after the altercation and walked toward the interstate.

• Nov. 8: A representative of Jani King off Parkside Drive reported to police that a suspect, an Outer Drive woman, took a vacuum cleaner, keys and other cleaning supplies and did not return them. The victim stated that several attempts to contact the suspect have been unsuccessful. The victim added that the suspect had alerted the company that she was not going to be able to work for the company in the future.


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