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Johns rebutted, Pearl fan speaks out

Johns rebutted

I wish to take this opportunity to respond to Mr. Johns’ letter last week castigating Don Sproles for being an independent candidate for the 5th District Commission seat.

His very elaborate and rambling letter to you express exactly what is wrong with some members of our current and past County Commission with their commitment to party rule. I thought as well as their transgressions, that was exactly what was happening and why the voters castigated them in the Primary voting!

I have been active to some extent in Farragut Town affairs for about 15 years and have observed the independence of Board members to the benefit of Farragut. I would be aghast if they were dictated to by any party.

As a personal criticism of Mr. Johns, I find it very illuminating about him that he made no mention that in Mr. Sproles’ response to Mr. [Scott] Moore’s inappropriate questions Mr. Sproles was the only speaker that received a tremendous round of applause from a majority of the audience!

Again, your position expresses exactly what the uproar by the voters is all about and why we need independent thinking on the Commission by a longtime resident of Knox County.


Edgar Glass


Pearl fan speaks out

I am the last person who should be writing about sports, let alone basketball. ... I cannot hold back my enthusiasm for The University of Tennessee’s men’s basketball team and coach Bruce Pearl.

My wife and I have lived in five states — Virginia, Iowa, North Carolina, Florida and Tennessee; the fans in these states are fanatics. I have to be up front — I could have cared less about basketball until we settled in Farragut and started following the Lady Vols; that turned into my first viewing habit.

In 2004 and 2005, I was laid up with not one, but two total hip replacements. The recovery period reduce my mobility to a recliner and a television set. Then Tennessee Athletic Director Mike Hamilton gave me something to watch and cheer about — Bruce Pearl, the greatest basketball coach in UT’s history. ...

Tennessee is fortunate to have a basketball coach who has turned Knox County and the state upside down. Coach Pearl is a man of integrity, who has a relationship with his maker that gives him an inner peace and confidence for his mission. ...

Coach Pearl is more than a one-man show, he has given us a change of attitude while he pumped a new spirit of achievement into this university community. At our house, we no longer fight for control of the channel changer, when Tennessee is playing — everything comes to a screeching halt when the Vols play.

My greatest wish is that the Lord would give this world more Bruce Pearls!

Paul L. Comer Jr.



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