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ē In regards to this kindergarten start time, this is getting ridiculous, people. You complain that 7:45 is early. We used to live in a county in Tennessee where the kids started at 7:30 and they went all day for kindergarten. They didnít get out ítill 2:30 and then had to ride the bus home. This is getting ridiculous. And thereís no way for the buses to run later because they have to run to the middle school and high school. Letís face it, this a large community. There is only one public elementary school in Farragut, thatís Farragut Primary. What you need to be concerned about is getting another elementary school in this area. That should be your most important object.

ē Iím calling to say that Iím adamantly opposed to Ö continuing [marina] development Ö at Concord Park. Ö If we canít have a Y there, then certainly this is not appropriate use of the land, either. And I would suggest that the area where the swimming pool was would be great for another playground and some picnic tables.

ē In response to the lady ó I assume it was a lady ó who wrote in and disrespected the person who responded about the kindergarten mom, your comment was really rude to the person. In America, the land [where] we live, weíre allowed to have freedom of the press and the right to have an opinion. That personís opinion, however rude it may be, is your opinion on how rude it is. My opinion? I thought it was good, I thought it made good press. But the person who wrote the comment in the first place, it was their opinion ó youíre disregarding their opinion. You have your opinion on that matter, but if youíre going to disrespect their opinion, that crosses the line.

ē I find it disturbing that a certain school board member who openly rejected keeping all of the students in the town of Farragut at Farragut High School based on relationships and community, has tried to rezone their own district for the very same reason. I guess once a politician, always a politician. At least we know they paid attention at the open meetings they conducted.


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