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Sproles positions cause tripidation, Rosseel should be commended, Thanks offered, Town leaders need new approach, Rosseel proactive; Ford, Haynes disturbing

Sproles positions cause tripidation

Mr. Sproles undeclared positions as an independent cause great trepidation to the possible future of this County.

An example would be gun control as questioned by Mr. [Scott] Moore. A clear illustration is that in New York where “local government” requires County permits that are sometimes nearly impossible to get.

Even high level celebrities have been denied permits from local government.

Mr. Sproles is a lawyer. Nobody, should know the severe impact of local legalities better then him.

Dan Andrews


Rosseel should be commended

I was most impressed to learn about the opportunity the town of Farragut has to take a giant leadership step forward in assisting the educational efforts for our children.

Alderman Tom Rosseel is to be commended for taking the initiative in working up a proposal to jump start the process of getting a school near the town of Farragut’s Mcfee Park. This is a great location for a school as it is smack in the middle of where there are and will soon be a lot of school age children as more and more subdivisions come on line in this rapidly growing section of Farragut/Knox County.

In particular, I appreciate the proactive efforts of Alderman Rosseel as it is painfully obvious from the lengthy and laborious way Knox County goes about selecting a site and then agrees to fund a new school that anything that can be done to speed up the process is a definite plus.

I liked the fact there is precedence as the town of Farragut worked a similar proposal with Knox County regarding our library. The details make a lot of sense as the property’s owners say they will only make the land available for a school. The proposed location near our new McFee Park makes sense. The financing fits too as this money is available.

I do disagree with a reference in the farragutpress article (Feb. 21) that questions whether this is an “appropriate use of Town money.”

I was unaware the town of Farragut had its own money (unless there is a money printing press in the Town Hall basement).

Isn’t “Town money” the result of primarily sales tax dollars expended by this Town’s residents to be used for needs that benefit the town’s residents?

Helping to meet the future educational needs of our town’s kids is, to me, a very good use for these dollars. Especially when you consider the flip side.

Does anyone really think a new school in this growing part of Knox County is going to happen any time in the next decade?

This is why this idea makes so much sense.

Jeff Elliott


Thanks offered

I would like to thank Domino’s Pizza and Buddy’s bar-b-q for providing meals to the Farragut North Precinct workers at the Farragut High School on Election Day.

It was a long, busy day, and

we appreciate their gracious


Terry Freeman

Election Officer

Town leaders need new approach

Having lived in Farragut for over four years now, I have followed our growth and community issues with great interest. Until recently, I was dismayed by the perceived unwillingness of our elected Town officials to take a more growth-oriented approach to support our wonderful community. A little dismay has now turned to total skepticism and concern for the town of Farragut.

In the recent Farragut Press report on the proposed land acquisition for a new school, it is reported that Mayor W. Edward “Eddy” Ford III stated he was “unaware of the idea to buy land then donate it to Knox County.” I find it suspect that the mayor of Farragut was unaware of a proposal that everyone in Farragut, or so it seems, was aware of prior to it being presented. Although, I admit, this could be the case in fact.

Let’s say for the sake of argument that the mayor was unaware of this proposal. As an impartial observer of this Town’s leaders, the only view [I] can establish from such a case is that the mayor has lost the trust and willingness of elected aldermen to be up front and open enough for him to manage issues before they are presented. We have to ask why no one is communicating with Mayor Ford on such important issues.

We can also assume that the mayor might have had an inkling of an idea of what was going to be proposed at the Feb. 14 meeting. I am not one to be found in any unique or political social circles and I was fully aware of what was being presented. If I knew, I find it very difficult to fathom the mayor of Farragut was in the dark. Why did he, even if he had somewhat of an idea, claim to be uninformed? That claim alone substantiates a lack of management skills and trust to his position as mayor.

Now to the issue of what concerns the mayor about this proposal. How dare anyone question the quality of roads, proximity of land to other counties and location of properties of this proposed purchase when the very same concerns about Hardin Valley fell upon the deaf ears of our Town leadership? Not only is that hypocritical, it is a sad and true testament to whom the mayor favors in this community.

This property issue and donation for a new school is exactly what this community needs. It his high time the Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen take off their blinders to the Farragut of yesterday and seek vision on the Farragut of tomorrow. We have new homes being built at a rapid pace, more families moving here every day, a total metamorphosis of community dynamics. We need to educate these kids and provide a close community environment for the families to grow in together. We cannot do this with leadership that represents old style ideas in a community where modern families are moving in every day. We have to grow as a community, lead as a community desires and look forward while representing everyone in Farragut, even the children.

The train is coming. It is clearly time for some members of The Board of Mayor and Aldermen to get on board. We need this proposal to pass.

Gordon Hughes


Rosseel proactive; Ford, Haynes disturbing

My congratulations to Alderman Thomas Rosseel! After reading the recent article in the FP regarding Alderman Rosseel’s proposal to purchase land for a new elementary school I was both impressed and disturbed.

Impressed that Alderman Rosseel is being a proactive elected official in trying to do something to improve the overcrowding in our school systems in Farragut and disturbed at the comments by Mr. [Mayor W. Edward “Eddy”] Ford [III] and Mr. [Vice Mayor Michael] Haynes.

Yes ... the citizens of our town have heard it before Mayor ... “The town of Farragut is not in the school business.” Mrs. Dickerson could not have said it better, and I quote “… Every time Farragut builds a new subdivision with houses that are going to fill with children, it puts itself in the school business.” Believe it or not Mr. Mayor ... one is not independent of the other!

I think Mr. Ford and Mr. Haynes are missing the point here. I see Alderman Rosseel being proactive by addressing the situation, no matter how far-fetched and trying to bring about some positive change for our children’s educational future. For that I congratulate him.

It appears that Mr. Ford and Mr. Haynes aren’t too concerned based on their dismissive comments as reported. Perhaps Mr. Ford is too busy working with Knoxville developers on the “Downtown Farragut” development to be built on his property in the near future and therefore doesn’t have the time to try and be proactive in bringing about new ideas regarding the issues that most concern the residents of Farragut.

Regarding Mr. Haynes comment about the potential purchase not being an appropriate use of the Town’s money ... I would say that it would be more appropriate to spend the Town’s money on something such as the plan proposed by Alderman Rosseel, which would improve our children’s future and improve the overall value of our Town and property values than it would be to spend the Town’s money to pay a vice mayor’s salary that had the “let Knox County worry about it ... it isn’t our problem” attitude.

Keep up the good work Mr. Rosseel! While it may be a “far-fetched” idea, the important thing is you are being proactive in trying to address a growing problem that has concerned many of our citizens for a long time. That’s more than Mayor Ford and Vice-Mayor Haynes appear to be doing.

Jonas Rice


Editor’s Note: FBMA posts are unpaid.


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