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ē At the Feb. 14 Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting, in regards to two agenda items comments were made by both the public as well as other members of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen that perhaps the Sunshine Law, in regards to the Open Meetings Act, had been violated. Is the town of Farragut headed down the same path as Knox County?

ē Iím the mother of two miracle children. After struggling for more than 10 years with infertility problems, God blessed us with children thanks to infertility medicine. Iím furious with the comments made in your 2-21 article Ö that children of infertility are somehow lesser children or invalid because they were created outside the maleís act and without enough prayer. [A local health professional] clearly needs some educating on the plight of married couples who arenít able to conceive naturally and the many options available to infertility couples who assist the natural act to create life. I challenge her to visit any infertility clinic in town or any OB-GYN office and educate herself that we are talking about medical care and not some unholy act. This is medical care. By taking these services away youíll be depriving patients in need of medicine. Would she take chemotherapy away from a woman with breast cancer because chemo is an unnatural act clearly toxic to our bodies? Would she propose to that patient that they just need to pray harder to take the cancer away? [A religious authorityís] comments that if you are having a baby naturally then hopefully it comes from two people who love each other, and out of that love comes life, implies that my husband and I just do not love each other enough for God to give us a baby. Ö I challenge him to look into the faces of hundreds of Knoxville couples who need infertility medicine and who are ó surprise, surprise ó committed couples who love each other, value the union of marriage and commandment to procreate but are unable to do so because of medical reasons.

ē To the person who responded to the person who had to stop laughing for a minute, thank you. And to the person who wrote about talking to our School Board, I think thatís a great idea. Who knew that these days were built in? And I agree with you ó why are we going to school these extra days when that time can be used so our kids can have a healthier, fresher start in the mornings? Also, just a question: why do the younger kids have to go to school earlier? My understanding is the bus system is complicated. But, cannot we just as easily rearrange the times? My thought is that the younger kids require more rest and the older kids could go to school earlier. Letís definitely talk to our School Board.

ē Iím calling in regards to the land that they say could possibly be donated for Farragut schools off of McFee Road. I think the town of Farragut needs to look more into a community center for the entire community versus just the schooling for K-through-5. If they would look east of Farragut towards the Cedar Bluff area, Hardin Valley area, thereís plenty of room to add onto existing schools and potentially rezoning some students to keep the clusters of students together. If this was done back in October as a plan for the School Board and not put off waiting for a [Knox County government] decision on whether they were going to build four more additional elementary schools, this problem would be already in the motion and would be into effect for the school year of [20]08-09. I think that they need to look at the entire community and see whatís best for the community, and that the land off of McFee should be used for a community center for the entire community use ó not just for the public schooling.

ē†I applaud Alderman Tom Rosseelís idea on working with the property owner on McFee Road and helping jump-start getting a new school to meet the needs of this rapidly growing part of our town. I was distressed to read the tone of comments attributed in the [Feb. 21] farragutpress article to [town government leaders] when they referenced being unaware of the idea to buy land and then donate it to Knox County as if this were a problem. Anyone who has been following the Sunshine Law violations involving Knox County elected leaders can see that the last thing we need is for our town of Farragut elected officials to go behind closed doors on this issue or any other. The purpose of public meetings is to share and discuss before the public.

ē Itís apparent that someone decided that the Y that was to be built at Concord Park is not going to be. Itís interesting that it was considered retail and further development of the marina is not considered retail. Apparently the people that are against the Y havenít thought about those families that would like to have an affordable place to go, particularly in the summertime. There at least was a pool and a park. Now thereís no place.


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