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police reports:

• Nov. 19: A Wiebelo Drive woman advised police that an unknown suspect had gained access to her vehicle by breaking the driver’s side window. The suspect then took her purse and dayplanner, including her nursing license, debit card and insurance cards.

• Nov. 19: A complainant from Michael Bates Homes advised police that sometime between Nov. 16 and Nov. 19, an unknown suspect stole three installed windows from a house under construction off Shirecliffe Lane. The house was not lockable.

• Nov. 19: Officers responded to Kroger off Kingston Pike for a theft call. The victim stated that when he returned home from work he noticed a jar of coins missing from his garage. The victim’s son told the complainant that he had friends over but did not see them leave with the money. The victim came to Kroger because it has a coin machine and found a jar in the trashcan that he believes to be his.

• Nov. 20: An officer responded to Buddy’s Bar-B-Q off West End Avenue to investigate a possible burglary of the business. On the scene, the officer interviewed the complainant, who said that when she came to the store she found the safe damaged. The office inspected the safe and found that the combination dial and handle had been broken off in an attempt to gain entry. The officer asked how the suspect was able to gain entry to the restaurant; the complainant stated that the west door was unlocked when she arrived. She also stated that she and another employee locked the doors before leaving the night before. She also stated that the food delivery truck was there last night delivering food but had no reason to be that far up in the front of the store. The complainant stated that the business had an alarm but it was not active. A crime scene lieutenant came to the scene, took pictures and dusted for fingerprints.

• Nov. 20: An officer responded to Wild Wings Café for a report of a vehicle that had been vandalized. The victim was notified by the witness that a white female with a ponytail driving a blue Honda Civic was seen around the victim’s vehicle with a shiny object in her hand. When the victim went to check his vehicle, he noticed several deep scratches on the driver’s side and some paint damage to the rear quarter panel. The victim estimated the damages to be around $10,000. The witness stated that he could possibly identify the suspect if necessary.

• Nov. 20: A Canton Hollow Road man reported vandalism to an officer, stating that when he arrived at his residence after leaving several people inside unattended, he found several holes in the bathroom wall made by what looked like a knife and a hole in the living room wall that appeared to be made by a fist or something similar. The witness stated that the suspect was arguing with this girlfriend and was very angry. The witness stated that he and the suspect went into the bathroom to calm down and that is when the suspect used the witness’s knife to make the holes in the wall. The suspect then left the premises with his girlfriend and the victim called the police.

• Nov. 21: An officer responded to an auto accident on Campbell Station Road. The complainant stated that she had hit a large tree limb, which was in the middle of the road. The officer observed a crack in the rear bumper cover just behind the right rear tire.

• Nov. 22: A Summer Woods Drive man advised police that he had a court order stating that he was supposed to have his two children for Thanksgiving. When he arrived at the Comblain residence, neither his ex-wife nor his children were at the


• Nov. 22: Police responded to a complaint from a woman off Burnside Place who stated that her live-in boyfriend had locked the bedroom door and would not allow her to get her clothes and property. When officers arrived, the suspect stated that he had no problem with her getting her things and allowed her to remove all of her property from the bedroom. Both parties stated there had not been physical altercation and both parties refused to leave. Suspect then decided to leave to allow for a cooling off period. Both were advised of the process to obtain an order of


• Nov. 23: A Longstreet Place man advised police that between April 1 and Nov. 23, an unknown suspect stole silver utensils and plates from his home. The complainant stated that there was no forced entry and a number of people have been in his home during this time.

• Nov. 23: A Broadwood Road man advised police that between Nov. 19 and Nov. 23, an unknown suspect stole two toolboxes and sets of weights from his vehicle, which was parked outside of his home. Complainant stated that the vehicle was unlocked and there were no signs of forced entry. He also stated that his neighbors had not seen anyone around the house who was not supposed to be there.

• Nov. 23: An officer responded to a domestic matter off Lark Meadow Drive. The complainant stated that he dropped his three children off with his ex-wife while he worked. He returned to pick up the children, but his ex-wife told the oldest child that he could choose to go with the complainant or stay in the residence. The complainant said the other two children came out to leave. The complainant said that it was his scheduled holiday weekend to be with the children but did not have any court issued documents stating the visitation schedule. The complainant then left. The suspect (the ex-wife) then told the officer that the complainant had made the statement to the eldest child, who wished to remain with the suspect. She did not have visitation documentation either, but concurred that the complainant was scheduled to have visitation during that weekend. Both parties were advised to maintain certified copies of court paperwork and to seek counsel for clarification on a juvenile choosing to stay with one parent or the other.

• Nov. 23: An officer reported to Kohl’s off Kingston Pike to a shoplifting call. Complainant advised police that he had caught the suspect plus another suspect leaving the store with property worth $169.98. The other suspect had stolen merchandise worth $104.98. Complainant is with the loss prevention staff of Kohl’s. Suspects were misdemeanor cited to appear at Knox County Detention Center Dec. 10.

• Nov. 25: A Ford Road man advised police that when he came out of Oskie’s Bar off West End Avenue, he went to get in his vehicle. Then he noticed that the vehicle he tried to enter was not his; the complainant stated that he was very intoxicated at this point. Complainant advised police that an unknown suspect took his vehicle from Oskie’s parking lot. Complainant did not have a valid driver’s license or insurance on the


• Nov. 25: A Concord Veterinary Clinic employee advised police that on Nov. 23, while working, she was bitten by a cat on her right hand. Victim stated that the bite started to look infected so she went to her doctor. Knox County Human Society was notified.

• Nov. 25: Officers responded to Wild Wing’s Café, where the complainant stated that the suspect ordered $61.93 worth of food and alcohol then tried to pay with a credit card, which was declined. The suspect told the complainant that she would have to go to her car to retrieve the funds to pay for the meal. She then drove off, but the complainant got the tag number of the car. The tag was run through DOT and came back to an address in North Carolina.

• Nov. 26: Police reported to Farragut Walk in Clinic, where the complainant advised police that he found the front door of the clinic had been broken out with a large rock. He also stated that a small cash box, $300, blank checks and keys were missing. Complainant stated that a cleaning lady had cleaned the office on Nov. 25 and that he had fired an employee on Oct. 22 and that she may be disgruntled and a possible suspect.

• Nov. 26: An officer was dispatched to a Kingston Pike location to investigate attempted burglary and vandalism. Complainant reported that on Nov. 24 his employees locked up a U-Haul trailer and construction trailer with padlocks on the latches. On Nov. 25 they found the trailers open and the locks cut off. Latch on the U-Haul trailer also sustained damage. Nothing appeared to have been taken and there was no suspect at the time.

• Nov. 26: A Wyndham Hall Way woman advised police that during the night of Nov. 25 someone damaged her residence by putting a message in some sort of black ink or unknown chemical on her driveway. The message stated a lewd remark and “Merry Xmas, and HaHa.” Victim also stated that “HaHa” was on her garage door and that the unknown chemical was all over her residence. She also stated that this is the third time since Sep. 2007 that this has happened. She had no suspect at the time.

• Nov. 26: Police met an Irwin Drive woman off Kingston Pike in reference to an emergency child custody order out of Roane county. Complainant had a court order that stated that the suspect did not have the means to take care of her two children. Order had been signed on Nov. 26 with a court date set on Dec. 4. The children were place with complainant per court order until court date. Both parties were advised of their rights verbally and in writing.

• Nov. 27: An Augusta National Way woman advised police that her son drove his car to Farragut High School on Nov. 26 and that someone unknown entered the vehicle and stole stereo equipment. Victim advised that the vehicle was locked but he saw no signs of forced entry. Victim believed it was probably done by a student at Farragut.

• Nov. 27: A complainant from Hickory Hardscapes off Kingston Pike advised police that she noticed on Nov. 14 that the license plate from the business’s utility trailer was missing. She did not know when or where this occurred. She was required to file a report before getting a replacement tag.

• Nov. 28: A Rockford Walker Court man advised police that while he was at Rush Fitness Center Nov. 28, an unknown suspect stole his wallet. Complainant advised that he cancelled his debit card and also stated that the suspect tried to use the card at a Citgo and a Red Box. Complainant did not know how much the suspect tried to use the card for.

• Nov. 28: A Belle Grove Road woman advised police that her husband came home and had been drinking. Both parties got into a verbal dispute and called 911. The complainant stated that she had an ex-parte order of protection that was unserved. It was served and a court date of Dec. 13 was given to suspect.

• Nov. 28: An officer responded to Children’s Hospital on a dog bite call. Victim stated that he was playing with his family’s 6-year-old lab when the dog bit him on the nose. Victim was treated and released.

• Nov. 29: A Breazale Road man advised police that he was at 10700 Kingston Pike and when he went out to his vehicle to leave, he noticed damage to his vehicle and missing personal property. Complainant advised that the suspect is unknown and that there were not many people there. Complainant advised there was no other damage to the vehicle.

• Nov. 29: A Lanesborough Way man advised police that his ex-boyfriend took adidas and K Swiss shoes from his home without permission and threw them away. Complainant advised that the suspect admitted to taking the shoes from the residence and that the phone call is recorded on the complainant’s cellular phone.


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