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• I believe that the lake is overloaded with boats. I don’t believe we need any expansion down there.

• Regarding the Concord Marina expansion, if you have never seen a boat storage unit you want to go to Choto Marina or Fox Road and look at the two- and three-story storage areas they have for boats. This is what could be up by Northshore. It is very, very unattractive. And if the YMCA was not allowed to be built in there, certainly a two- or three-story storage boat unit is not what we need here in Farragut.

Editor’s Note: Concord Park and Concord Mariana are not within the town of Farragut. The park is in Knox County and regulated by Knox County Parks and Recreation.

• There’s an old saying that says, “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat its mistakes.” The Knox County Commission learned the hard way about what happens when they violate the Sunshine Law. Looks like here in the town of Farragut we have some members of the town staff who don’t seem to believe that there is an Open Records Act for the State of Tennessee. And because they don’t seem to think it exists, or it doesn’t apply to them, they are violating it. I believe this is something local media needs to check into because when our Town or our Town staff members decide they are above the law — I do believe that’s called a dictatorship. … I wish I could say I was surprised to see in [farragutpress recently] about the distinct possibility that three members of [Farragut town government] have violated the Sunshine Law. Currently we have members of the Town staff of Farragut who are deliberately and repeatedly violating the Open Records Act of Tennessee. This is not supposition, this is fact. I have been on the personal receiving end of being refused documentation as well as several other people I know. This is wrong. The town of Farragut was incorporated many years ago, and one of the reasons it was incorporated was to protect the families, residents and neighborhoods. And now it seems that the town of Farragut has individuals within its elected body, and employed body, that have become almost like special lobbyists for certain groups. This is wrong, we need to stop it. I do believe that these people can be brought up on criminal charges — not so much if, but when these allegations are proved to be true.

• I was reading in [a recent] farragutpress about the marina [expansion] they’re talking about building. And also the issue of the elementary school at McFee Road, which, if any one has had children in any of the road schools you’ve noticed that one mom behind 800 moms are picking up 800 children, or bringing them to school every day. And to have that much traffic coming down Old Stage Road to McFee on such a small road would be, I think, absolutely nuts. Why not put the Y out there with McFee Road Park? Think about putting the YMCA with possibly a senior center attached that is kind of like the O’Conner Center downtown that’s attached to the Y. And that would really give a lot of people access to that area. The marina issue, I also agree that that does only suit a few people and that should be used, I think, for more people. So to incorporate, maybe, something else there besides just a marina [expansion] that the County could use. I don’t quite understand who owns what, but the McFee Road thing, I think, really needs to be looked at seriously. You know, make it more for everyone instead of putting a school there.

• My comment is on the article “Marina gets another look” … in the [March 6] issue of farragutpress. I am completely against any closure or use of [Concord] Park other than for quote, “passive use.” Once open spaces are taken away, they never come back. And I run there daily, that’s a place that I go every day and enjoy it and take my dogs there, I take my children there. And that was one of the reasons I moved into Farragut in the first place, was that park specifically. “Passive use,” that’s just ridiculous. Talk to any running shoe store or bicycle shop and they’ll tell you they make a lot of money because that park is there. It would be a shame to let [marina owners] make more money because of the people of Farragut giving that land up.

• I’m looking at the new athletic fields [proposal] on McFee Road and the question is, “Is it a good idea [through the lens, March 6 issue]?” I think it is a good idea. My daughter plays out at CBFO Softball and they can’t accommodate all the girls that would like to play out there because of the football field. If they could allow or have another field for the football to be at, then they could add more softball fields so more girls could play. There’s plenty of fields for the boys at the baseball [Farragut Baseball, Inc. youth], but not for the girls.

• I agree with the caller on Thursday, March 6, farragutpress, that all this building is ridiculous. They’re overbuilding, it’s too much. What made East Tennessee beautiful is gone. And I’d like to see them stop building on the lakes. The lakes are for everyone. I don’t want to see the marina expansion, either.

• I appreciate the weekly police reports in the farragutpress, but I wonder why we’re just now getting the reports from back in November? Also, I wonder why it is not possible to give street numbers with these incidents? It would be helpful if I knew my neighbor was having drugs or something at his place and the police were there. It just makes sense to give the complete address.

• I would like to know why you’re … police reports is now almost 120 days in the rear? You used to be seven days behind the actual event — that has grown to almost four months. Is there a reason for that delay? Something that happened four months ago is really of no value to a homeowner in Farragut right now.

• Regarding the Concord Marina expansion I am definitely against it. They have taken a once calm fishing area for area boaters and turned it into a floating dock mess for the rich and the famous. It’s just ridiculous, nobody can even launch there anymore. … Yes, I am definitely opposed to any more medal docks being added to the cove at Concord … Marina. I’m also opposed to dry storage. All you have to do is be anywhere near that area on a weekend in the summer and see all the pollution being put into the water and into the air by those large boats, which are moored there. So I am definitely against any expansion in that area.

• With all due respect to [a] recent letter to farragutpress [alleging Farragut elected officials violated Sunshine Law concerning proposed land off McFee Road for a school], I watched the hearing of [Farragut governing body] and I couldn’t disagree more — there was no violation of the Sunshine Law. This was simply an idea put forth by well-meaning people for the good of the school kids in the town of Farragut. [The letter writer] obviously has a conflict of interest. … But the owners of this property have made it clear they will only sell for a school. Our schools are overcrowded. We need the space. It’s perfectly clear to us that a public hearing is the good way to go, and I am sure the town of Farragut’s citizens will support this proposal.”

• Items in the March 6 issue of Farragutpress opinion section, from a McFee Road resident and a Hardin Valley school-zone resident, bring into shape focus violations of the Sunshine Law that have been occurring for some time by the Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen. The five-member board is now controlled by a gang-of-three: the leader, the senior partner, and an easily manipulated junior partner. It is possible they are aided and abetted at times by town staff and employees in ways inconsistent with official staff duties. This is all about control and political advancement, and the pretense of helping the Town can be exposed by looking through your back-issue articles and opinions. Why can’t they put the school, or park, or community center in the open area around Town Hall where Town residents will use them, instead of an out-of-the-way-place off McFee Road where mostly non-town residents will use them. The Hardin Valley school-zone residents, which actually include this senior partner, now face the double indignation of having the road their children must travel to school stripped of its trees and greensways, rather than addressing the dangerous conditions at the north and south ends. The junior partner, having voted twice to save the trees, was coerced to change her vote in a controversial manner so that unneeded trails could be added to both sides of the narrow roadway, and political résumés could be padded. Residents who live along older roads such as this, even in older subdivisions, have seen maps of the Town’s longterm plans where their homes are not included. The picture on the front of your Feb. 21 issue is symbolic of this entire mess, and a comprehensive legal and media investigation should be made. In any future elections the opponents of these gang members should hammer them with their violations of the Sunshine Law and their unethical and hypocritical ways of doing the Town’s business.


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