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Chiropractor celebrates 20 years

West Knox Chiropractic, at the corner of Campbell Station Road and Kingston Pike, celebrates 20 years in Farragut Saturday, March 15.

The office will celebrate the 20th anniversary Friday, March 14.

“We’re just going to have an in-house celebration here as we see patients through the day and we’re going to have some goodies and some other things going on,” Dr, Alan C. Lensgraf said.

“I’ve been in this building since 1988: same location,” he added. Lensgraf has lived in Farragut since he was 3 years old. “I guess that makes me kind of unique around here,” he said. “The only time I was away was when I went to chiropractic school in Atlanta.”

After school, he interned with his brother in Nashville for a year before moving back to Knoxville. “I really never considered being anywhere else,” he added.

Lensgraf said that when his family moved to Knoxville in the 1960s, his grandmother could not understand why his father wanted to move “way out there” in Concord. Lensgraf remembers Farrragut as mostly fields and recalls times that patients would come to be treated by his father at the family’s house.

He said that his father commuted to Sweetwater to his chiropractic practice. At that time, Farragut held only a grocery store and the Lonestar restaurant.

“Have you ever been into this Farragut museum [in Town Hall] and seen the Lonestar sign? All those rock marks on there: me and my buddies as kids used to throw rocks at that sign at night,” Lensgraf said.

“It’s kind of weird seeing some of my high school teachers come in as patients. They’re in about their 80s, you know, so it’s kind of weird,” he added. Lensgraf graduated from Farragut High School, as did his three children.

His daughter, Kasey, a student at the University of Auburn, plans to be a chiropractor, following in her father’s footsteps. Lensgraf said he plans to pass the practice to his daughter when he retires.

Lensgraf proudly claims to be a third-generation chiropractor. “I was the 22nd member of my family to go to chiropractic school … there’s been a Lensgraf chiropractor in Knoxville since 1922,” he said.

He describes West Knox Chiropractic as “mainstream,” treating mostly musculo-skeletal conditions, back and neck pain, headaches and sports injuries. “Just general chiropractic care. We’re more of a family type clinic,” he said, adding that the practice treats patients from 6 months old to his current oldest patient, who is 92.

Lensgraf also employs massage therapy and the clinic uses similar technology to Vax-D treatments, which Lensgraf calls disc decompression therapy.

Lensgraf plans on staying in his current location. “Myself and Rick Terry, who owns the jewelry store, own the building. Well, actually, the bank does, we just make the payments. We’re not going anywhere,” he said.


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