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police reports:

• Dec. 8: A Fort West Drive man called in and advised police that an unknown suspect had painted two lewd terms on his daughter’s car. The victim was able to wash the paint off without any damage to the vehicle.

• Dec. 8: An Early Road woman and a Barharbor Way woman called to advise police of suspicious phone calls. The first victim stated that around 5: 35 she received a phone call from a private number. An unknown male who identified himself as Randall told her he had just raped a woman named Katherine and that she was tied up in her apartment. The unknown male assured the victim that the call was not a prank. The victim stated that she hung up the phone and called 911. The second victim stated that around 5:40 she too received a phone call from a private number. The unknown male caller did not identify himself but told her that he had just raped a woman and was calling the victim to advise her that she was now a witness. The victim stated that the suspect wanted to describe the details of the rape and that she hung up and called 911. A major crimes detective was advised of this incident.

• Dec. 9: A Stahl Drive man stated that his vehicle was broken into through the passenger window and his wallet was taken.

• Dec. 9: Officer responded to a domestic matter off O’Connell Drive where the complainant stated that the suspect had come to his residence for dinner and that the suspect had noticed items in the residence belonging to her. Complainant stated that he tried to get the suspect to leave the residence when an argument began, and that the suspect refused to leave. Suspect had been drinking wine and had taken medication for migraines. Suspect’s daughter came to the residence and escorted her home.

• Dec. 9: A Castlebridge Court woman stated that an unknown suspect broke the window from her vehicle and stole her purse.

• Dec. 10: A complainant from FE Trainer Construction advised police that between Dec. 8 and Dec. 10 an unknown suspect broke out a window in a home under construction by throwing lumber through it.

• Dec. 10: An employee from Dixie Lee Wine and Spirits advised an officer that a known suspect came into the store and stole a half gallon of Canadian Mist whiskey. The complainant and her brother went outside to get the vehicle information. She stated that the driver got very upset and put the suspect out of the vehicle. The complainant stated that she was able to get the whiskey back from the suspect and that the suspect began walking down Kingston Pike. She was unsure if the other two females in the car picked her up down the road. The vehicle was a four door green Toyota Corolla.

• Dec. 13: A Dante Dale Road woman advised police that she was at a registration desk when her engagement ring slipped off her finger. She went back to look for it but could not find it. She notified security and they advised that no one had turned it in.

• Dec. 14: An Anchor Court woman advised police that someone has opened up a cell phone account in her husband’s name. She advised that they were not aware of this until they received a notice from a collection agency a few weeks ago. No suspect.

• Dec. 14: A Chattanooga man called police to report a violation of court order visitation. Victim had a court order giving him visitation during the weekend. The suspect, a Canton Hollow Road woman, advised the victim that she was not going to allow their son to go with the victim. The victim went to the suspect’s residence and the child was not there.

• Dec. 14: A Rolling Creek Road man advised police that he and his wife had been having trouble with their elderly neighbor. The complainant left for work in the morning and returned to find that his flagpole had been bent, the family plaque placed on his house had been torn down and the lettuce in his garden had been picked.

• Dec. 15: Officers responded to a location off Roane Drive for a domestic matter. Complainant stated that he was tired of being cursed at by suspect. Suspect stated that his father asked him a question and he did not answer. The father became upset and told the suspect to fight him outside. When the father went outside, the suspect locked him out of the house. The suspect stated that he wanted to leave for the evening. The victim was advised of his Domestic Violence Rights and given a blue card.

• Dec. 15: Officers responded to The Fresh Market off Kingston Pike to the report of an armed robbery. The complainants and witnesses advised police that they had finished working and were leaving the store when they were confronted by a tall male with a black and silver semi-automatic handgun and were forced back into the store. The suspect forced them to take him to the safe and to open the lower safe, where the suspect took approximately $10,000 cash. The suspect then attempted to get the complainant to open the top safe but the complainant was unable to. The suspect made both parties face away from him; he racked the slide on the weapon and told them to continue facing away for 15 seconds. The suspect then fled in an unknown direction. Suspect was wearing a green mask, black goggles and what appeared to be camo type clothing.

• Dec. 16: A Fox Lake Drive woman advised police that while she was working at Cracker Barrel off North Campbell Station Road, an unknown suspect broke the front driver’s side window of her vehicle and stole assorted credit and debit cards, her social security card and driver’s license. The complainant stated that the car was lock and was in a high traffic area.

• Dec. 16: An Ivy Chase Lane man advised police that someone got into his unlocked vehicle and stole his golf clubs. No suspects.

• Dec. 17: A Locust Hill Drive man called police to report a burglary at a residence he owns off Everett Road. No one currently lives in the residence. The victim advised that approximately three months earlier an unknown suspect broke out a window and stole copper wiring and a radiator from the residence.

• Dec. 18: A Blackberry Ridge Drive woman advised police that an unknown suspect broke out the driver’s side window of her vehicle, unlocked her trunk and stole the victim’s purse from the trunk in the parking lot of The Rush fitness center.


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