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Fox Run greenway drilled

Residents in Fox Run and Saddle Ridge subdivisions may have noticed something odd this week along the greenway: a transmission line pole placed in the center of the walking trail.

“Well, when I first saw that photo, I thought surely, surely, somebody wasn’t thinking when that happened,” said Darryl Smith, Town engineer.

“It’s my understanding that there is another pole in the greenway east of there and one pole that is right next to the greenway,” he added.

“I was aware last Thursday or Friday that this did occur. It’s unfortunate that it happened. L-C-U-B will take a look at this. We understand that the neighborhoods use this trail quite often and are quite upset at the situation,” said Shannon Littleton, Lenoir City Utilities Board assistant general manager.

“The lines have to be placed in a direct line of sight,” he added.

According to Smith, the transmission lines placed in the greenway run in a straight line for nearly three miles.

“The fact is, with those transmission lines, they’re on a straight line. It’s my understanding that there was an agreement, some time ago, between the Town and T-V-A that [with] our greenway, we could use the easement, but we needed to avoid the center of the easement,” Smith said.

LCUB’s utility easement extends 25 feet on either side of the road.

“Now, I was not aware of that [agreement],” Smith said. “It really wasn’t even a consideration” when the greenway was placed in this section three-to-four years ago.

“When we put that in, it was just ‘Hey! We can connect these now.’ Point A to point B. And it never occurred to me to make sure to stay away from the center of that easement,” he added.

“But as far as who is going to pay to move the trail, or just go ahead and move the trail, it’s either going to be us or L-CUB, but that hasn’t been worked out yet. I do know that our attorney [Tom Hale] and their attorney [Littleton] are going to get together and determine what damages there are,” Smith said.

“After the site is clean and fully evaluated, we will go in and evaluate and see if there’s anything we can do to rectify the situation,” Littleton said.

“Everybody knew about this on the front end; we knew it was going to be an issue. But now it is, so we’ll have to deal with it now that it’s here,” he added.

“I really can’t comment on how it’s going to be paid for, only that we’re not going to leave it that way,” Smith said.

At the March 17 LCUB meeting, the Board:

• Approved the purchase of 1,000 MCM aluminum, from Westco at $5 per foot, for a total purchase price of $78,950. Around 7,500 feet of this aluminum cable will be used off Watt Road; 4,090 feet will be used off Westland Drive.

• Approved a quote for grading, a drainage system, a brick wall, landscaping, irrigation system and paving at the Westland Drive substation, from Kent Construction Company for $247,545.

• Approved the purchase of 27 galvanized steel poles for a new distribution circuit out of LCUB’s Watt Road substation and for an upgrade to existing three-phase line, from Valmont for $43,088. The poles will be used along Watt Road and Grigsby Chapel Road into Campbell Station Road in order to feed the Turkey Creek development.


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