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ē Concerning the comment in the presstalk in the March 6 issue of the farragutpress, the caller asked why one of the two left-turn lanes from Campbell Station Road onto Kingston Pike was eliminated. I realize that this isnít Farragut, but it must be the same brain trust that also eliminated one of the two left-turn lanes on Morrell Road at Kingston Pike next to West Town Mall. The wait for a left turn there has easily doubled. The elimination of that lane or the second Campbell Station left-turn lane makes absolutely no sense.

ē†This is concerning Concord Park. Some time ago the residents of Knox County were asked about the possibility of a dry storage facility at Concord Park. And the vast majority were against this. Then, without asking what the public wanted, we got a restaurant in the park. Numerous slides, swings and picnic tables were gone. To my knowledge there never was a use in review. Now Knox County is trying to give away, or lease, six additional acres of the park. There is a vague description of this land, and that is itís located three acres to the east of the boat dock, three acres to the west of the boat dock. Donít forget that since you took the public boat ramp away thereís not enough parking on the other side of Northshore, therefore the cars park in front of the old swimming pool. Are you doing away with the tennis courts? Bike trails? Is Knox County going to have an open forum to discuss this with the taxpayers, are you just going to gradually give it all away?

ē The fifth incident occurred [recently] at the Farragut Town Hall, where the Town staff refused a resident of the town of Farragut access to records guaranteed by the state of Tennessee Open Records Act. This is the fifth time this has occurred in the past two months. Is the farragutpress ever going to investigate this or do anything about this or check it out in any way, form or fashion? Or are you just going to run and hide. Ö

Editorís Note: In fairness, farragutpress would have to know what record was requested, from whom it was requested and by whom it was requested. None of which appears in this entry. Some records are exempt from public disclosure. Perhaps you should seek legal advice about the federal Freedom of Information Act or the Tennessee Public Records Act.

ē I was wondering if you would post the some rules for using a roundabout? The new roundabout there at Concord Road and Northshore, obviously people donít get it. Explain the basics? How to enter and exit ó itís not a three-way stop anymore? And a yield sign means the same as it does on any other street in America. You donít arbitrarily have the right to just pull out in front of people. I donít know how many wrecks Iíve avoided because I know the rules and other people donít. Itís going to get bad. Please post these rules.

ē I would like to see an article written in the farragutpress explaining in more detail what this situation is with the Concord Marina. Both storage and also how does this involve the McFee property? I donít understand why Farragut is involved in what is all County property? Iíd just like to have this cleared up.

Editorís Note: We published all we could find out in the March 6 issue of farragutpress. The town of Farragut is not involved and has not been involved in this process to our knowledge.

Editorís Note: To the caller who criticised a presidential candidate, read our rules of engagement in presstalk. Comments geared toward any political candidate require a verifiable, signed letter for publication consideration.


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