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ē My heart goes out to the residents of McFee Manor, and my support and respect goes to the Dimmicks for standing up for what they believe in and trying to protect their families, their homes and their neighborhood. What is happening to them, or may happen to them, because of a small group of people having an idea, a dream, something that they want to leave a legacy with is going to have a negative impact on many families in the Farragut area. But they donít seem to care about that. This same thing is happening [elsewhere in Farragut]. Ö Itís a very sad day in government when the people who will be most affected by these type of changes have no voice, no vote, in this matter. Whatever happened to a government of the people, by the people, for the people? Our representatives need to remember they were elected by everyone in Farragut, not just a chosen few.

ē It appears that the new location for Belleaire Drive is going to slice through an old house off Kingston Pike. Does anyone know who owns the house?

ē There are people in the Knoxville area, Knox County, that obviously have no respect for anyone else with their littering. I live in Westbury subdivision off of Woody Road, and I have been picking up other peopleís trash for almost two hours. Itís 9:30 on March 21, and I went 50 yards to the east and 50 yards to the west. Cigarettes, liquor bottles, drinking bottles, fast food containers, sandwiches, etc. I am so disgusted with people that have no care for anyone else, that they can throw out their garbage and expect other people to pick it up. We have been doing this, my husband and I, for almost two years now ó and it continues. There should be stronger laws that govern people that litter and throw trash out of their windows.

ē I just heard on the radio the price per barrel of oil has dropped yet again, under a $100. And yet, do we see gas prices dropping at all? Of course not. Itís an outrage what these oil companies and gas companies get away with. This is nothing but price gouging at its worst. Congress should investigate these companies, haul them before them, ask them questions and I guarantee you the price will drop.


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