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Baptist West to take additional inpatients

The recent merger between Baptist and St. Mary’s hospitals has caused many changes for hospital physicians and patients.

The most recent difference has been the decision to close inpatient procedures at Baptist Hospital in downtown Knoxville.

Eli Matijevich, administrator at Baptist Hospital West, described inpatient services as “basically, the folks who are currently admitted as inpatients to the hospital, for everything from surgery to recovery from pneumonia or a heart attack or


“We will be closing down all of the overnight beds,” he added.

“They won’t all transfer here to Baptist West … The physicians and patients who are currently using Baptist Hospital will be making the choice, and they will have the option of using the current St. Mary’s downtown facility … or the Baptist West facility here.

“We would anticipate that [because of] the distance and that most of those folks are from South Knoxville, that probably a greater number of them will elect to use the St. Mary’s downtown facility or another hospital, quite frankly,” Matijevich said.

“But, by and large, we are reasonably confident that the doctors who are practicing there and the patients who are going there will utilize the system hospital,” he added.

“But there’s a lot of conversation and a lot of work before those services are transitioned … probably on or about the first of August. We need some time to make accommodations here, to make accommodations at St. Mary’s downtown, to work with the physicians in terms of their practices, their locations, and their patients to make sure we don’t surprise anyone and that we don’t leave anyone without a place to be,” he said.

Physicians will be transferred from the Baptist hospital downtown.

“With those patients leaving the downtown facility, we have clinical staff that we are hopeful will choose to stay employed within the system. That will mean transferring those clinical caregivers along with the patients,” Matijevich said.

“Here at West, we are anticipating growth as a result of this. At the end of the day, we’re going to be taking care of a larger number of patients, so we need to be ready for that, in terms of both staffing and equipment and capacity of our major clinical services,” he added.

Matijevich foresees the possibility of construction on a new building on the Baptist West campus soon.

“One of our significant needs right now is physician offices,” he said. “Right now there is no space for new physicians.” The certificate of need has already been filed in Nashville. Matijevich hoped that construction would begin as soon as they have approval.

“It could be a reality in twelve months, if this thing moves along the way it should,” he said.

Baptist Hospital downtown will retain outpatient and other services.

“We’re going to keep outpatient services there. There will still be diagnostic services there; in all likelihood there will still be the cancer program there,” he said.

“Some of the older buildings on that campus will probably be taken down,” he added.

“Quite frankly, right now, the location that appears to be the most logical for the replacement hospital would be the site of the current downtown Baptist, if for no other reason than you’ve got several very nice new buildings on the new end of campus,” Matijevich said.

“That’s several years down the road. We’ve got to deal with this transition and consolidation first, and get stabilized in this system, and then start making orderly plans for the development of that replacement facility,” he added.

“This is a work in progress. We’re still working with all of our physician groups and our staff to make sure that we understand their needs and that we can do anything we can to accommodate them,” he said, adding they would also be contacting patients of Baptist of the change.


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