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Masseuse strives to heal

Integrity Therapeutic Massage opened Jan. 2 at 10411 Lovell Center Drive in Suite 104.

ďItís going very well so far; Iíve had an excellent response and met some very nice people,Ē said Kim Gentile, owner and masseuse.

Gentile makes it clear that her business is about therapy; it is not a spa.

ďI do mostly fix-it stuff; stuff you donít get in a day spa. Iím not interested in fluff and buff. I can do a relaxation massage, but itís still going to be therapeutic massage.

ďTherapeutic massage is actually encouraging the body to release spasms and heal itself, to get better range of motion, to get better movement, to get better function,Ē she said.

ďNo feel good stuff so that when you walk out you feel like someone has slathered you with lotion and sent you on your

way. Ö Usually, people come because something is wrong: they have lower back pain, they have pain in their hips, or their neck and shoulders. They donít come just to go to sleep, although it does relax people,Ē she added.

ďI kind of incorporate basic Swedish [massage] with lymphatic drainage, neuromuscular, with muscle release technique, with stretching, with myo-fascial work. I throw a little bit of everything in there. It depends on what the body needs when it comes to me.

ďItís a great way to release muscle tension; itís a great way to settle your mind down and itís a fantastic way to get blood circulation through the soft tissue,Ē Gentile said.

Gentile usually works in hour and hour-and-a-half increments.

ďIím kind of generous with my time because I donít believe you can get anything done in a half an hour. I donít do anything less than an hour session. Usually itís more than that Ö Iím

not concerned as much about

time as I am about helping,Ē

she said.

Gentile has been a massage therapist for seven years; she recently relocated to Knoxville from Florida. She is nationally certified, as well as licensed in Tennessee and Florida. As per Tennessee requirements, Gentile also continues her education with classes. In Tennessee, massage therapists are required to have 25 continuing education units every

two years.

ďI donít want to be specialized in just one thing because just one thing doesnít work for everybody. Different techniques work differently for different peopleís problems,Ē she said.

Gentile put much thought into the name of her business.

ďItís always been one of my pet peeves that people donít conduct themselves with the utmost of integrity. They seem to lose sight of the fact that theyíre supposed to be doing the right thing. So I decided that should be the name.

ďThis is not some fly-by-night operation; Iím here to do the best I can for everybody that I lay hands on,Ē Gentile said.

She has appointments available Monday through Saturday; Gentile works by appointment only. For more information, call 865-470-4366.


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